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The Sharp Clinics offer platelet rich plasma rejuvenation, derived from patient’s own blood.

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The Sharp Clinics offer platelet rich plasma rejuvenation, derived from patient’s own blood.

Also called the Vampire Facial, this treatment became popular after Kim Kardashian posted herself with blood on her face, while having the treatment.

Far from being just a social media fad, this autologous treatment is at the cutting edge of medical aesthetic rejuvenation.

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The treatment begins with blood being extracted and centrifuged (spun really fast). The PRP separates from the rest of the blood matter, and the resulting yellowy suspension contains special factors that can promote healthy cell growth and healing.

We often inject this into areas that are prone to premature ageing or stress, such as under the eyes, around the mouth and the neck or décolletage area. It can also be used on the hands or other areas of the body that require rejuvenation.

When used in conjunction with Dermapen microneedling, which uses a pen like device to create tiny punctures in the skin, the process stimulates skin tightening and growth of a patient’s own collagen.

Is PRP painful?

We numb the treatment area using an aesthetic cream prior, and we also offer vibration therapy throughout, to keep patients comfortable. For larger injecting areas, we use a blunt tipped cannula which is much more comfortable than it looks in the video – without a sharp tip to break through the tissues or hit nerves, most patients report feeling nothing much at all.

The micro needling component feels like any other micro needling treatment, much like a tolerable scratching feeling.

What does PRP recovery involve?

Afterwards, patients can experience bruising and swelling for a few days, so it’s important to consider social or work commitments before choosing your treatment date. Most people return to normal activity the following day, depending on how comfortable they are with some puffiness or bruising. Makeup can be worn over the treatment area the day following the therapy.

How many PRP treatments are required?

This will depend on your ‘starting’ skin condition and health prior to the treatment, as well as your goals. Some patients have the treatment as a one-off, while others have it yearly to maintain their results and retain the glow it gives their skin.

How long until I see results from a PRP treatment?

You will begin to see changes within a week or two, but the more noticeable results are evident from about 6 weeks onwards.

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YouTube video
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