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Under the medical guidance of specialist plastic surgeon Dr Sharp, our caring team of clinicians use only the best quality muscle relaxing products for a long lasting, naturally beautiful result.

Your treatment will begin with a full facial assessment to help you choose the best lip ‘style’ to compliment your facial features.

You will be advised up front of costs involved, and we will tailor your treatment to suit your budget.

Then our special topical anaesthetic cream can be applied to your lips upon request, to ensure the treatment is comfortable, with the added benefit of vibration therapy used during the injections – so all you have to do is sit back and relax as your clinician goes to work, crafting your beautiful new lips.

The skilled teams in our Brisbane and Ipswich clinics also specialise in dissolving unwanted injectable product, giving you a blank canvas to build your fresh pout.

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Give your upper lip a beautiful ‘turned out’ look.


Improve your smile and reduce the amount of gum that’s revealed.

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What are lip flip or gummy smile correction injections?

The lip flip is a cosmetic injectable treatment that subtly shapes the lip slightly outward to create fuller, more shapely lips. It is used as a standalone treatment, or commonly, in combination with lip fillers for added volume. Anti-wrinkle injections help those whose gummy smile is the result of overactive muscles around the upper lip.

By pinpointing the overactive muscles or muscles close to the nose, anti-wrinkle injections relax said muscles and ultimately reduce the amount of gum shown when smiling, as the newly relaxed muscles are not pulling at the upper lip as much.

Both lip fillers and anti-wrinkle injections can last for up to 12 months, are non-invasive and only take around 30 minutes to administer with no recovery time needed.

The lip flip treatment with the anti-wrinkle injection is a great way for clients to experience fuller looking lips before committing to longer lasting lip filler treatments. Another benefit of this treatment is that it softens peri oral line (lipstick lines) by relaxing the muscle making wrinkles around the mouth less likely to form.

lip flip gummy smile cosmetic clinic Brisbane and Ipswich

Cosmetic injections to correct a gummy smile

The medical term for a gummy smile is excessive gingival display and it’s defined when there is 2-4 mm of gum visible when smiling. Some of the world’s most recognisable faces – including Nicole Kidman and Gwen Stefani – sport a gummy smile. Everyone’s oral anatomy is unique; a gummy smile is the result of various factors, whether it be an excessive display of gum tissue or a short upper lip, overactive muscles around the upper lip or the way in which the upper jawbone is developed. If your gummy grin is due to a short upper lip or overactive muscles, cosmetic muscle relaxing injections can help (pictured left: before and 2 weeks after gummy smile treatment with Deborah).


What will relaxing the top lip do?

The anti-wrinkle injection will allow the muscle that surrounds the top lip (orbicularis oris) to slightly lift creating the illusion of a fuller yet soft top lip.

How does it differ from dermal filler injections?

Lip (dermal) fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are not the same. Filler adds volume which makes the lips appear larger, while muscle relaxing/wrinkle injections roll the lip slightly outward.

Can I have lip flip muscle relaxing injections as well as filler?

Absolutely; some patients enjoy the effect of both lip fillers and muscle relaxing injections. Our clinician will examine your lips and advise of the best treatments or products to achieve your desired result.

Is lip flip suitable for everyone?

For a small percentage of patients, lip flip treatment is not effective our suitable; this is especially the case for patients who play musical instruments that require a certain mouth position or mouth muscle (orbicularis oris) control.

How long does lip flip take?

After you initial visit or first treatment, repeat treatments take less than 5 minutes to perform. It is a perfect lunch time treatment, with no downtime and minimal discomfort during the procedure.

How often will I need to come back for a top-up lip flip?

The injections should last anywhere between 3-5 months; however, every individual is different, and the longevity can vary.

Lip lift vs lip flip: how do I know if I need a lip flip or surgical lip lift?

surgical lip lift involves the removal of skin just under the nose, to strategically lift the upper lip. It usually involves local anaesthetic, about 3cm of stitching and approximately 1 week of downtime. Lip lift is suitable for patients who are unhappy with the distance between the upper lip and nose, and who wish to give their lip an outward turning appearance. It produces a long term result, but carries additional risks such as infection and unsatisfactory scarring, so it should be considered carefully with the advice of a specialist plastic surgeon. While lip flick injections don’t produce exactly the same result as lip lift surgery, they are sometimes used to help patients gauge what they are looking for, in terms of their upper lip appearance.


Our safe muscle relaxing injections have been used all over the world for more patients than any other.


You’ll notice the results within 2-7 days. Results last 3-5 months.


Priced from $25 per treatment, this treatment offers noticeable results at a minimal cost.


Lip injections don’t have to hurt! Our special topical anaesthetic and vibration therapy ensures you remain comfortable.

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