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Sustainability and Environmental Policy

Sharp Clinic Sustainability Policy

We are proud to operate within a forward-thinking sustainability and environmental framework. Read on to learn more about why this issue is close to our heart – and part of our everyday policies and procedures.

Plastic surgeons practice evidence-based medicine and hence we respect other areas of evidence-based science and decision making, especially when it comes to climate change. Climate change impacts all of us, but high UV and extreme weather events have a particular impact on people living in places like Queensland, where our clinics are located. And despite being a problem of global proportions, we believe every little bit counts, and all businesses should play a role in environmentally-conscious changes.

Hence, our clinics operate within a sustainability strategy, to:

Sustainability and Environmental Policy - 1
  • EEliminate our use of paper and innovate a new digital paperwork system
  • EImplement new waste systems and wherever possible, recycle, compost or reuse
  • EReduce our packaging and plastic waste
  • ERevise our supply systems to actively reduce carbon emissions and lobby our suppliers to think of better packing and transport practices
  • EInstall clean energy sources (solar) and wherever solar energy could not be used, utilise only clean energy third party providers
  • ECollaborate with our suppliers and service providers to ensure we are working with companies that, like us, are making tangible changes to reduce their impact on our beautiful earth
  • EModifying our team’s roster to reduce unnecessary emission-producing travel between our clinics wherever possible, without impacting patient care
  • ECalculate our carbon footprint by undertaking an independent carbon emissions audit and identifying areas where we can reduce or offset emissions, such as our team’s travel to and from work
  • EWhere carbon emissions could not be eliminated, we utilise carbon offsets
  • EOnly stocking skincare and supplements that are cruelty free, use vegan ingredients and do not test on animals

The above actions form part of the daily practices in our clinics

But our work in this area is not done! We will continue to refine and improve our processes, in our ultimate goal of being entirely carbon neutral.

Our suppliers kindly shared their own sustainability initiatives with us, which are detailed below:

Lifehealthcare / Spiran

  • EMotiva’s manufacturer is Establishment Labs.
  • EEstablishment Labs manufacturing facilities is a LEED-Certified plant (LEED = Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design).
  • ELEED certification is the world’s preeminent program that acknowledges environmentally sustainable, high-performance design, construction and operation of green buildings
  • ESustainability programs
  • EThey operate a carbon neutral manufacturing plant
  • EEnvironmental Impact statement
  • EAnimal testing: Establishment Labs have participated and funded specific clinical evaluations and studies which use mice and rabbits which are specifically bred for medical and clinical trials. These trials are performed under strict ethical guidelines and by qualified veterinarians. The animals are only involved in one procedure and remain alive and in good health following the trials.
  • EEstablishment Labs is also an active supporter of Las Pumas Rescue Centre and also the Magical Trees Foundation to assist in preserving Cost Rica’s flora and fauna. The work of Cost Rican photographer and founder of Magical Trees Foundation, Giancarlo Pucci, is featured on their product packaging.


  • EAnimal testing - Galderma products, cosmetics, medicines and medical devices are not routinely tested on animals as part of the manufacturing processes, and certainly not in Australia or New Zealand. However, there are regulations in place during product development and clinical trial phases where animal testing may be mandatory according to local/global health regulations.
  • ECurrent sustainability practices include:

    • Using cold chain packaging that is returnable
    • Matching box size to the shipment size as best as possible
    • Use of air pillows (that can be recycled) for space filler in cartons

  • EGalderma’s muscle relaxing product is manufactured by Ipsen, who no longer use mouse-based LD50 assay in testing their product testing. To move away from animal testing, they innovated in-vitro Cell-Based Assay (CBA) for establishing the stability and the potency of their botulinum toxin products. They are also signatories of the ‘French Charter for Transparency on the Use of Animals for Scientific and Regulatory Purposes’ by the GIRCOR.
  • ECurrent engagement with environmental impact and reducing carbon footprint: Galderma is a signatory to the APCO. Additionally, their global team is focused on environmental impact for their plants. More information is available here

Johnson & Johnson

  • EJ&J’s Health for Humanity 2025 Goals focus our citizenship and sustainability efforts aim to tackle climate change with an ambition to reach net zero emissions across their company, among other corporate citizenship initiatives:
Sustainability and Environmental Policy - 2
  • ESustainable packaging:

    • Assessing lifecycle environmental impacts across product categories and platforms to proactively identify opportunities for improvement.
    • Integrating sustainability considerations at the design phase of new products to identify potential environmental improvements.
    • Selecting and sourcing more sustainable ingredients.

  • EApplying green chemistry and engineering principles in design and manufacturing
  • EDeveloping more sustainable packaging, including designing for recyclability.
  • EManaging product end-of-life impacts, including the effects of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the environment as well as educating end-users on proper use and end of life management.

Shred X secure document destruction

  • EFor every tonne of paper recovered by Shred X, 2.48 tonnes of CO2e is prevented from ending up in landfill.
  • EPositively contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable world lies at the heart of Shred X. Beyond paper, they are continually exploring further opportunities with e-waste and textile recycling and repurposing partners, plastic product developers and waste-to-energy processors.
  • EAdditionally, through collaboration with partners in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry, Shred-X is working on innovative solutions towards Australia’s commitment to eliminate food packaging going to landfill by 2025.
  • EShred-X secure destruction facilities incorporate the latest and most environmentally sustainable shredding technologies. However, despite doing everything they can to protect the environment, they are aware of our own footprint, which encompasses a fleet of over 100 trucks and up to 50,000 tonnes of paper being shredded each year.
  • EShred-X has engaged an independent carbon adviser to review and measure the greenhouse emissions created by our operations to provide accurate reporting capabilities. Their Environmental Policy and recycling partnerships reflect Shred-X’s ongoing commitment to improving the sustainability of the business, while also ensuring their services remain cost effective and best practice.
  • EShred X offers secure destruction services with environmental accountability, allowing their clients to achieve the following:

    • Lowering waste disposal
    • Reducing air, water and land pollution
    • Extending the life of landfill sites
    • Creating an authentic and positive public image
    • Certification of your contribution to saving the environment
    • Setting a goal of reducing emissions by 30% over the next 3 years
    • Ensuring all destroyed assets are recycled in accordance with international environmental and ethical specifications


Allergan did not respond to our requests for information regarding their sustainability practices or animal welfare policies. They have recently implemented more environmentally friendly packaging for their products and delivery systems.


  • ESynergie has a very clear ‘Clean Science’ ethos and are proactively committed to implementing sustainable decisions within every facet of their business. They aim to procure raw ingredients from manufacturers who are committed to developing products and solutions that bring positive impacts to the environment and society that far outweigh the footprint it takes to produce them.
  • EThey implemented sustainable changes through a major recent brand refresh
  • EThey have a commitment to create positive long term environmental impacts.
  • EThey sustainably source ingredients from suppliers who show full traceability and pass strict sustainability measure.
  • EThey print labels and boxes with soy inks and package them in recyclable PET and paper pulp. All orders are packed with biodegradable and compostable material.
  • EHave used recyclable materials for their packaging from September 2021