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Dr Sharp performs some procedures under local anaesthetic, in the minor operations rooms located inside his Brisbane clinic. Dr Sharp can advise upon consultation whether or not your surgery can be performed under local anaesthetic in our clinic.

The minor procedure process starts of with a consultation with Dr Sharp so he can ascertain if your lesion is suitable for removal under local anaesthetic.

A date for your surgery will then be confirmed.

On the day of your procedure, arrive without makeup or creams on the area – and if the operation site is covered by clothes, make sure they are loose fitting.

Dr Sharp will inject the area with anaesthetic and once you can’t feel the site, he will excise the lesion and close the incision. The procedure itself takes 20-30 minutes.

When your procedure is finished, you will be given written post operative instructions to take home, along with our 24 hour post op care phone number and information about how to optimally care for your wound and scar.

You will return to our clinic at approximately 1 week after surgery to have stitches (and dressings, if applicable) removed.

Most patients have a consultation prior to their surgery, but sometimes Dr Sharp will provide a ‘see-and-treat’ appointment, whereby the initial consultation and procedure with Dr Sharp all take place on the same visit.

This is particularly convenient for regional patients, as it avoids having to make a trip to the clinic before their skin cancer operation.

We require the following information for Dr Sharp to determine if you are suitable for a see-and-treat appointment:

  • Ereferral from your GP, skin check doctor or dermatologist
  • Ebiopsy results
  • Eclear photos of the lesion site
Minor procedures are eligible for a Medicare rebate, but are not covered by private health funds.

Contact us on 07 3202 4744 to find out more.