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We know the stress and concern caused by a melanoma diagnosis, and our caring and compassionate plastic surgery team are here to support you through your surgical journey. 

About melanoma

Queensland records some of the highest melanoma rates globally. This aggressive form of skin cancer, originating in melanocytes, is largely attributed to Queensland’s high levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure. Each year in Queensland, 3,600 people are diagnosed with melanoma. 

Early detection and treatment are critical, as melanomas can rapidly spread to other body parts, underlining the importance of regular skin checks and sun protection measures.

Timely intervention by specialists, often involves a multidisciplinary team including plastic surgery, radiology and oncology.

What causes melanoma?

Exposure to UV light (from the sun or solariums) can cause melanoma. Exposure of the skin causes the cells to change their behaviour.

People who have fair skin, spend a lot of time in the sun or have a family history are more at risk of developing melanoma.

What are the symptoms?

Melanomas are often first noticed when an existing mole or freckle changes in its colour, shape or size. Melanomas can look different from one to another.

Changes often occur over a couple of weeks rather than months and years so prompt surgical removal is required.

Would you like to know more about melanoma surgery? Contact our friendly patient support team.