Whether you are undergoing breast reconstruction, reduction or aesthetic enhancement, your journey will be supported by Dr Sharp and his team with upmost compassion and respect. Learn more about the different kinds of reconstructive & cosmetic breast surgery options Dr Sharp can assist you with.

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Breast Surgery Brisbane

Whether its breast augmentation surgery to recreate what genetics, weight loss, ageing or breastfeeding has taken away – or breast reduction surgery to remove heavy breast tissue that causes back and neck pain – our team understands that breast surgery is a deeply personal decision, and we support our patients through every step of their journey.

Dr Sharp is skilled in both implant and autologous advanced breast reconstruction techniques, and also performs subcutaneous bilateral mastectomy surgery for gynaecomastia and female to male transition patients.

As a specialist plastic surgeon, Dr Sharp frequently performs:
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  • breast assymetry small 9


    While it’s normal to notice some differences between your breasts, severe asymmetry caused by previous breast cancer surgery, congenital defects or trauma can b...

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  • breast aug small 76


    Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, can be a cosmetic procedure – or a reconstructive procedure

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  • breast lift small 77


    Breast lift, or mastopexy, surgery is often desired by women to replace lost breast tissue after breastfeeding or weight loss has taken away the shape and firmn...

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  • breast reduction small 78


    Breast reduction surgery is one of the most satisfying procedures for Dr Sharp to perform, as patients almost immediately experience relief from the pain and di...

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  • fat grafting small 75

    Fat grafting

    Fat grafting or autologous fat transplantation involves fat being removed – ususaly from the stomach, thighs or flanks – via liposuction; this fat is then trans...

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  • male Gynecamestia grid


    Gynaecomastia is the medical term that describes the benign growth of glandular breast tissue in men. It is much more common than most people think; occurring i...

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  • implant revision small 79


    Breast implants sometimes need to be removed and replaced due to capsular contracture, migration, rupture or an elective decision by the patient to change their...

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  • Gender Confirmation

    Gender confirmation

    Dr Sharp offers breast contouring surgery for female to male gender (FTM) confirmation patients, often called ‘top’ surgery. The surgery involves the removal of...

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