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Your first visit to a surgeon can be both exciting, and scary. It’s very normal to experience a mix of nerves, eagerness and uncertainty. To ensure that your visit is as stress free as possible, prior to your first visit, our patient care team will email to you:

  • Ea link to complete our patient registration form online (please complete this at least 24 hours prior to your consult)
  • Ea list of any referral letters, tests or reports to bring along
  • Edirections to our free patient carpark

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During your first visit to us for a cosmetic or reconstructive procedure, you will be greeted by our friendly patient care team, who will take your referral letter or reports, and give you a white folder containing your procedure information pack.

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Please enjoy a tea, coffee or sparkling water while you wait in the private ambience of our discreet waiting room. 


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During your consult with Dr Sharp he will discuss your concerns – or the areas you’d like to change. He will examine and assess the area, and take any necessary clinical measurements. You will then step through the surgical options available together. Once you have decided upon your desired procedure in consultation with Dr Sharp, he will step through the surgical process involved – as well as the expected outcomes, risks, recovery period and any considerations he’d like you to make when weighing up the procedure’s pros and cons.

Dr Sharp is very approachable and most patients comment that they quickly feel relaxed and at ease with him – but he also appreciates that talking about your concerns or being examined isn’t something people do every day, and so you might feel uncomfortable; this is very normal. Please let Dr Sharp know if you would like a friend, family member or female observer to be present during your consult. Sometimes it can be difficult to take in all the information discussed during the first consultation and so having a second set of ears present can also be helpful when recalling the procedure/s you discussed. As standard procedure, we always require a friend, family member or female member of our team to be present during genital examinations.

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This information will also be contained within the digital information pack you will receive on the day, along with the consent form explaining the elements of the procedure you need to consider before committing to surgery.

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, Dr Sharp will also provide a sports bra and implant ‘sizers’ to try on.

This enables you to put your own top on (or we have tops available for you to use) and view the different implant sizers in a mirror.

You are welcome to take photos of your breast appearance in clothing, as this can be helpful when considering your implant size selection at home later on.

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After your consultation with Dr Sharp, clinical pre operative photos will be taken of the area you are having treated. These photos are securely stored and used as a reference tool by Dr Sharp when planning surgery, and sometimes intraoperatively. 3D simulation technology is also available in our clinic, and if you are having breast augmentation surgery, one of our patient care team members will complete the scan and upload your simulation results to peruse at home.

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At the conclusion of your consultation with Dr Sharp he will advise our patient care team of the procedure you are considering and any potential item numbers involved. This will enable us to check if any Medicare or private health insurance rebates apply, and compile an estimate of fees for you. This takes 5-10 minutes, so we thank you in advance for your patience while we collate the different costs for your procedure.

Before you leave the clinic, we will step through the estimate of fees with you and answer any queries you might have regarding costs, as well as providing you with potential surgery dates at your preferred hospital/s.

After your initial consultation if you wish to proceed with surgery, our patient care team will schedule the procedure for you and accept any deposits required. If you are having a cosmetic procedure, we will organise a second – complimentary – pre operative consultation with Dr Sharp.

We also offer video consultations for regional or overseas patients who wish to see Dr Sharp. Usually at least one of the two consultations is conducted face to face prior to surgery, with the other consult via video.

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