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PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma in Brisbane

The Sharp Clinics offer the ultimate in natural skin rejuvenation, using patients’ own blood to harvest platelet rich plasma. This treatment harnesses growth factors for complexion improvement, fine lines and wrinkles, skin health and even healing.

Nestled in the heart of Queensland’s vibrant capital, many Brisbane’s leading cosmetic clinics are embracing the latest in skin rejuvenation technology: Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments. A city renowned for its high UV rates and emphasis on beauty and wellness, Brisbane’s aesthetic clinics offer this treatment for its myriad of benefits for skin revitalisation.

Derived from a patient’s own blood, PRP is a concentrated solution rich in platelets and growth factors. When reintroduced into the skin, these elements work harmoniously to stimulate natural collagen production, aiding in the repair and regeneration of cells. The Sharp Clinic’s clinicians in South Brisbane are experienced in the various uses for this naturally derived skin booster.  

Also called the Vampire Facial, this treatment became popular after Kim Kardashian posted herself with blood on her face, while having the treatment.

Far from being just a social media fad, this autologous treatment is at the cutting edge of medical aesthetic rejuvenation.

The treatment begins with blood being extracted and centrifuged (spun really fast). The PRP separates from the rest of the blood matter, and the resulting yellowy suspension contains special factors that can promote healthy cell growth and healing.

We often inject this into areas that are prone to premature ageing or stress, such as under the eyes, around the mouth and the neck or décolletage area. It can also be used on the hands or other areas of the body that require rejuvenation.

When used in conjunction with Dermapen microneedling, which uses a pen like device to create tiny punctures in the skin, the process stimulates skin tightening and growth of a patient’s own collagen.

Is PRP painful?

We numb the treatment area using an aesthetic cream prior, and we also offer vibration therapy throughout, to keep patients comfortable. For larger injecting areas, we use a blunt tipped cannula which is much more comfortable than it looks in the video – without a sharp tip to break through the tissues or hit nerves, most patients report feeling nothing much at all.

The micro needling component feels like any other micro needling treatment, much like a tolerable scratching feeling.

What does PRP recovery involve?

Afterwards, patients can experience bruising and swelling for a few days, so it’s important to consider social or work commitments before choosing your treatment date. Most people return to normal activity the following day, depending on how comfortable they are with some puffiness or bruising. Makeup can be worn over the treatment area the day following the therapy.

How many PRP treatments are required?

This will depend on your ‘starting’ skin condition and health prior to the treatment, as well as your goals. Some patients see a result after one treatment, but most require a series of 2-4 sessions for a satisfactory outcome. Once your skin’s condition has improved, annual maintenance treatments will help to maintain your results.

How long until I see results from a PRP treatment?

You will begin to see changes within a week or two, but the more noticeable results are evident from about 6 weeks onwards.

What does a PRP treatment cost?

There are three ways to have a PRP treatment in our Brisbane clinic:

1. PRP microneedling: the area is microneedled, creating thousands of tiny channels in the skin, and PRP is irrigated over the top at the same time, improving its penetration of the skin.

One area: $500 | Two areas: $650 | Three areas: $800

2. PRP injections: PRP is injected into the skin in small micro doses. This is most popular around the eyes and mouth for thinning, lined skin or areas where skin condition is poor.

Small area: $300  |  Large area: $500

3. PRP microneedling + injections: this is commonly used for full-face microneedling with PRP, with targeted areas such as the crows feet or under eyes then strategically injected with PRP using a needle, all in the one treatment session.

One area (eg full face microneedling + injections under eyes): $800

Why is PRP a commonly requested skin treatment in our Brisbane clinic?

Brisbane locals cherish the subtropical climate, but the accompanying high levels of sun exposure can accelerate the ageing process. PRP offers a unique solution, improving fine lines, thinning skin and poor skin function. 

Key benefits of opting for PRP treatment in Brisbane include:

  • Natural Approach: Using your own blood eliminates risks related to allergic reactions or incompatibility.
  • Minimised Downtime: PRP treatments allow patients to quickly return to work and leisure activities
  • Versatility: Beyond skin rejuvenation, PRP in Brisbane cosmetic clinics also synergises with other treatments for enhanced results such as Fraxel laser

For those in Brisbane seeking an authentic, holistic approach to beauty, PRP stands as an innovative new area of cosmetic science. When booking a treatment, it’s paramount to choose a reputable Brisbane cosmetic clinic environment, with experienced practitioners.


Treatment packages exist for 2 or more treatment sessions; book a complimentary consultation for a tailored treatment plan and package pricing.

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