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10 Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before a Facelift

So you’ve scheduled your consultation with a specialist plastic surgeon to discuss facelift surgery and you have some time to wait before your appointment comes around. Now is the perfect opportunity to prepare for your consultation with some research and question...

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Breast implant illness | Plastic Surgery

What is breast implant illness? In this research article, Dr Jordan Kaplan and Dr Rod Rohrich explain that “recently, the term ‘breast implant illness’ (BII) has become popularised in social media to describe a constellation of symptoms which have been attributed to a...

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The stages of recovery from lip filler treatment

Great lips don’t happen overnight. In addition to being bruised and swollen, it is normal for filler to take several weeks to settle into position following an injectables treatment, and for the lips' final shape to be revealed. In this article, Nurse Britt shares the...

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Healing wisdom from our skin guru

When it comes to optimising your skin's healing, there isn’t always one single, easy solution. Our health is multifaceted, and as our skin is our largest organ, its healing is reflective of our overall internal health and wellbeing - as well as external factors....

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New eyelid reduction item number requirements announced

Medicare have announced changes to the criteria for the blepharoplasty – also known as eyelid lift or reduction surgery – item number. This is the item number that can be assigned to a blepharoplasty procedure if it is deemed medically necessary, therefore enabling...

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Why ReClaim is one of our ‘hero’ skincare products

We have all experienced beauty products that over-promise and under-deliver. Which is why it's refreshing to find an all-round moisturiser whose claims are founded in legitimate skin science and transparent disclosure of their ingredients. Synergie Skin’s ReClaim both...

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