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The Sharp Clinic Lifetime Care Guarantee

Plastic and aesthetic surgery can make permanent changes to your body, which is why we see the relationship between a patient and their surgeon as a lifelong commitment.
Our Lifetime Care Guarantee begins with unlimited complimentary surgical review consultations in the 12 months following your surgery. It also means that if you have any concerns or questions about your surgery in the years following your operation, we will ensure your continuity of care is upheld with Dr Sharp and his clinical team. If you require further visits to our clinic due to clinical complications, your consultations will be bulk billed, providing you have a valid GP referral.
We are dedicated to our patients’ long term care. Our hope is that they feel comfortable and supported returning to our clinics one, 10 or 20 years after their surgery – if they have any questions or are considering further surgery at any point.

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Our Courtesy Policy

Our Lifetime Care Guarantee is contingent upon a respectful and transparent relationship between our patients and our practice. One of the core values of our clinic involves treating all patients as we’d wish to be treated, and our team does this through every step of our patients’ journeys.

We ask that patients also treat our team members as they would wish to be treated; any form of unreasonable, impolite behaviour, implied or direct threats or harassment results in our Lifetime Care Guarantee being withdrawn and access to the clinic and our services ceased.

Consultations provide both patient and clinician with an opportunity to determine if they are the right fit, and comfortable proceeding. Having a consultation does not oblige patients to proceed with treatment, nor the clinician to perform it. If one or both parties do not feel comfortable proceeding, we understand this might be disappointing, but it is an important aspect of finding the right clinician for each patient and getting the best possible outcome.

In-clinic and telehealth consultations are a confidential environment, and are respected as such by both clinician and patient. Recording of conversations without both the patient and clinician’s explicit consent is prohibited in our practice. Information discussed within pre or post operative/treatment consultations must not be published or shared with anyone not directly involved in the patient-clinician relationship, in any way. Breaches of confidentiality are treated very seriously. This includes sharing on online forums; there are cases where this has resulted in serious harm to patients and misinformation being published – the poster or publisher could be liable for any repercussions in such cases.

Any breach of the above immediately ceases the patient-clinician relationship and terminates any further care.

What happens if you are not satisfied with your results?

We hold ourselves to extremely high standard of practice and strive to ensure that every patient feels satisfied with the outcome of their procedure. Making patients happy is what we love most about our work.

Prior to every procedure, the patient’s expectations – and the expected outcomes – will be discussed. Surgery is not an exact science and it is impossible to guarantee a specific result, as many factors contribute to surgical outcomes; some which can be controlled, and others that cannot. We are transparent about this, so patients are able to make informed decisions. Surgery will improve – but it will not perfect.

During the preoperative consultation process, we will also discuss potential risks and complications in detail. While every measure is taken to avoid these – and complications occur very rarely – they are a reality of surgery. It’s important to consider possible emotional, financial and health implications. When a patient consents to surgery, they take personal responsibility for weighing up the risks and benefits of proceeding with surgery.

After surgery, if a patient does not believe that their procedure has achieved a reasonable improvement, they are invited to discuss this with Dr Sharp via consultation. If Dr Sharp determines that further improvements can be made and additional surgery is clinically advisable, he may offer to perform further surgery; this usually involves costs and is performed once healing is complete and full results have settled in.

If a patient is not satisfied with this process, they can elect to be referred to another plastic surgeon of similar experience, for a second opinion. A dissatisfied patient may also ask the Health Ombudsman and AHPRA to investigate their care and outcome. AHPRA will review the patient’s clinical record and seek independent expert opinions, before providing a determination. While we do everything possible to maintain a positive patient-clinician relationship and resolve any issues if they arise, where this is not possible, AHPRA’s external process provides patients with access to an independent assessment of their care and results.