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The Sharp Clinic Lifetime Care Guarantee

Plastic and aesthetic surgery can make permanent changes to your body, which is why we see the relationship between a patient and their surgeon as a lifelong commitment.
Our Lifetime Care Guarantee begins with unlimited complimentary surgical review consultations in the 12 months following your surgery. It also means that if you have any concerns or questions about your surgery in the years following your operation, we will ensure your continuity of care is upheld with Dr Sharp and his clinical team. If you require further visits to our clinic due to clinical complications, your consultations will be bulk billed, providing you have a valid GP referral.
We are dedicated to our patients’ long term care. Our hope is that they feel comfortable and supported returning to our clinics one, 10 or 20 years after their surgery – if they have any questions or are considering further surgery at any point.

Our Courtesy Policy

Our Lifetime Care Guarantee is contingent upon a respectful and transparent relationship between our patients and our practice. One of the core values of our clinic involves treating all patients as we’d wish to be treated, and our team does this through every step of our patients’ journeys.
We ask that patients also treat our team members as they would wish to be treated; any form of unreasonable, impolite behaviour or harassment results in our Lifetime Care Guarantee being withdrawn and access to the clinic and our services ceased.

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