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The Sharp Clinics: Non Surgical Treatments

From skin treatments through to wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, Fraxel laser, HyraFacial, PRP or microneeding, our cosmetic clinics in Brisbane and Ipswich will help you discover what these effective treatments can do for you.

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Whether it’s a facial or injectables treatment, entrusting your skin to a clinician is a leap of faith, and we are always honoured when someone chooses our clinics to care for their skin.  At The Sharp Clinics, we offer high quality injectable treatments, Fraxel laser rejuvenation, specially formulated skin therapies and medical grade skincare products that create visible results. We are one of only a small handful of cosmetic clinics in Brisbane and Ipswich to offer the specialised expertise of a qualified plastic surgeon.

Because your face deserves only the best; you deserve the highest standards in aesthetic medicine.

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With cosmetic clinics available everywhere, why choose the Sharp experience?

You can have injections and laser therapy in the convenience of shopping centres, beauty salons and at the hairdressers these days. So why bother going to a medical clinic for cosmetic medical treatments? In our clinics, the doctor who prescribes your injectables works on site, within our clinics; their name is literally ‘on the door’.

  • EWe practice high safety standards
  • EWe use high quality products
  • EA sustainable, realistic looking result is our signature look
  • EWe invest in scientifically proven, medical grade lasers and skin care therapies - no fluffy, ineffective treatments
  • EWe are about long term results; understanding your aesthetic objectives and partnering with patients to create bespoke treatment plans

Non surgical facial rejuvenation: looking your best at every age

In your 20’s and 30’s (and for 40-somethings with lucky genes)…

It’s all about enhancing and preventing. From lip enhancement with dermal fillers through to adult acne , hyperhidrosis sweating treatment, double chin fat injections or scar reduction , at this stage of life we can help to enhance your natural anatomy and maintain a healthy appearance long into the future. As we age, not only does our skin lose its elasticity and thickness, the underlying structures that create the healthy fullness and curves in our faces begins to diminish. As bone structure and muscle diminishes, fat deposits are depleted – and head south! The first sign of this process is usually noticed in our 30’s with the appearance of a thinning lower face, less fullness in our upper cheeks and a loss of the straight, firm jawline we once had.

  • EWe practice the highest safety standards
  • EWe use only the highest quality products
  • EA natural looking result is our signature look
  • EWe invest in scientifically proven, medical grade lasers and skin care therapies - no fluffy, ineffective treatments
  • EWe are about long term results; understanding your aesthetic goals and partnering with patients to create bespoke treatment plans that enhance and rejuvenate

In your 40s, 50s and 60s…

For our middle aged and mature patients, our rejuvenation process takes a medical approach to optimal aging. Dr Sharp and our dedicated team of experienced professionals have selected non surgical treatments to restore, redefine and boost your natural beauty. During our 40s and 50s we notice more prominent nasolabial folds, slight downturning of our mouth edges, fine lines around our mouth and chin – and hollowing in our mid face. The area below our eyes can appear depleted of volume as well, and our jawline and neck area becomes less defined as skin that was once supported in our upper mid face, no longer has the underlying structures filling it there – so it begins to accumulate in our lower face. Rather than looking ‘done’ our approach to facial ageing strategically addresses stressed, lined and sagging skin – as well as sun damage, pigmentation, stretch marks and stubborn body fat.

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Before and after injectables

During our 50s and 60s, the ageing process continues to cause a flattening of our facial profile, sometimes exacerbating the appearance of asymmetry – and giving the tired, hollowed look both men and women often complain about at this age. Revolumising facial fillers are comprised of a naturally-occurring dermal filler gel that attracts water when injected under the skin. Through strategic placement of the filler product under the skin with a fine needle, the filler attracts fluid from the surrounding tissues and swells. Depending on the type of filler, and where it is placed, the gel can replicate the support of lost bone structure or fat, while smoothing the skin above it and giving a firm, hydrated appearance to the complexion. It can be used to add cheekbones, create definition to the chin and reduce temporal hollowing.

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Who is treating you, and why it matters

Cosmetic injectables and resurfacing lasers are TGA regulated products and treatments. So it matters that the person administering your laser therapy is experienced and highly skilled. It also matters that the doctor who prescribes your injectables actually works in the clinic where you have them.

Deserving the highest standards in aesthetic medicine means knowing the credentials and clinical skills behind each of your treatments – from routine maintenance wrinkle injection visits through to total facial rejuvenation using dermal fillers.

Our clinics in Brisbane and Ipswich offer affordable treatments, performed under the expert aesthetic eye of specialist plastic surgeon Dr David Sharp. Our injectors are have been personally trained in anatomy by Dr Sharp and some of the world’s leading cosmetic injectors.

We use state of the art techniques to elevate, rejuvenate and enhance the face while delivering natural-looking results. During the pre treatment planning process, the patient’s facial proportions and anatomy are taken into consideration, enabling us to use these methods to create a bespoke, tailor-made result.

To learn more about the non surgical treatments that might help enhance, rejuvenate or restore your appearance, we offer obligation free, complimentary consultations with our clinicians in our Brisbane and Ipswich clinics.

Our dedicated team go above and beyond for each client and patiently guide them through the treatment process. This is to ensure they are feeling confident with their decision, whilst being supported in a caring and discreet environment.

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Beauty means different things to different people and no two patients are the same; as such, our team has the skills and expertise that enables them to take an individual approach to every treatment plan.

Our purpose is to make realistic, natural looking improvements that help our patients feel more positive about their appearance.

non surgical skin + cosmetic treatments

Why choose The Sharp Clinics for your cosmetic injectables, laser or skin treatment? We are one of only a small number of holistic clinics in Brisbane and Ipswich that operate with the guidance and assistance of a specialist plastic surgeon. As a medically regulated industry, we don’t believe aesthetic treatments should be performed in a ‘fast food’ style clinic; your face deserves only the highest levels of skill and professionalism.

Importantly, our clinicians do not work on a commission or sales basis, so we don’t recommend treatment or products based on an incentive to ‘sell’ you something you do not need. We value long term relationships with our patients and only recommend treatments and products that we genuinely believe in; from quality dermal fillers through to Fraxel laser (Brisbane clinic only) and skincare products. Our clinicians also support our holistic care ethos, where your health, lifestyle and wellbeing align to help you achieve the best possible results.

The Sharp Clinics uphold the highest standards in medical aesthetics; our clinics are equipped with the safest injectable products, proven technology and advanced techniques; all of which are tailored to meet your individual aesthetic goals and budget. If you’re picky about what you put in your face – and who puts it in there – call us for a complimentary consultation. And rest easy knowing that you are in skilled, experienced hands.


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soften deep lines around the eyes for a naturally rejuvenated look


Clinically proven to remove stubborn fat under the chin and redefine the jawline.


a simple injectable for naturally lifted, arched brows


Create soft, natural facial curves and restore depleted volume with high quality dermal fillers.


retain movement while removing that permanent scowl…


Explore your options for replacing lost volume, augmenting fullness and defining the lip line with cosmetic lip treatments.


reduces over-active upper lip muscles that cause the lip to curl up too much


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non invasive treatments to reduce the appearance of new and old scars


Fraxel is a medical grade laser that targets pigmentation, sun damage, lines and wrinkles - resurfacing congested or ageing skin and stimulating...


For excessive sweating of the hand, feet, scalp or underarms - using a muscle relaxing injection to curb clamminess.


Quick, painless light treatment for a range of skincare concerns. Also aids in post operative recovery.


Bespoke medifacials that optimise the skin and create visibly glowing results.


Far from being just a social media fad, this autologous treatment is at the cutting edge of medical aesthetic rejuvenation.


Skin boosters are revitalising, hydrating dermal fillers


Dermapen microneedling and our specialist skincare formulations offer advanced solutions for pigmentation..


Our convenient 30 minute, non-invasive facial uses vortex technology to extract dead skin: cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating.


Sound vibration to exfoliate and purify, ultrasound to drains, infuse and stimulate - and radio frequency to regenerate.


Prevention is better than surgery! A dry touch sunscreen that feels great while protecting against sun damage.


Synergie is a cosmeceutical skincare range formulated to create a biological and visible change in the skin.


A custom scar reduction gel developed by Dr Sharp to optimise the appearance of scars.

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