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Plastic Surgery Brisbane

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The decision to have treatment or surgery with a plastic surgeon is never made lightly, and involves significant research, time and preparation. Every plastic surgery and cosmetic clinic in Brisbane and Ipswich offers something different in terms of focus, patient support, postoperative care and approach to their patients’ holistic treatment. We hope this website provides insight into our approach to plastic and cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine for the face, breast, body and skin.  

Dr Sharp and his team of clinicians are dedicated to providing strategic changes that act synergistically, whether it be for functional or aesthetic purposes. Meet our team here. Our award winning clinics are safe, respectful and inclusive spaces for people of all genders and cultures. We take time to understand our patients’ motivations, expectations and lifestyles, while empowering them to feel confident about the informed decisions they are making about their bodies.

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We approach surgery with humility and compassion; it’s an honour to be entrusted with someone’s care and wellbeing.

Our team prides itself on delivering patient care that has equal doses of warmth and professionalism.

And while specialist surgical skills and experience are undoubtedly paramount, the process of having any treatment is certainly measured by more than just the time spent in the operating theatre, or clinic chair. Our high standard of care incorporates an approach that sees a life long commitment to ensuring our patients’ education and ongoing wellbeing.

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Liz Washington, director

We are proud to be a female owned and operated clinic.

Our approach is underpinned by compassion, discretion and quality patient care.

With the caring attention and commitment of our clinical and administrative team, you will be supported through every step of your journey, with the resources required to make educated decisions. From your first consultation to your last follow-up, the team at our Brisbane and Ipswich plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics will support you with quality care, expertise and genuine compassion.

Importantly, all preoperative consultations are personally conducted by the specialist plastic surgeon who will perform your surgery; this important part of the surgery planning process is not outsourced to other healthcare professionals in our team.

Our motivation is simple: we love playing a positive part in supporting patients through their treatment journey – a process that is unique to each individual.

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Lifetime Care Guarantee

Dr Sharp provides patients with a Lifetime Follow-up Guarantee ensuring long term care + support.

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Dr David sharp, specialist plastic surgeon

Dr David Sharp and our team look forward to welcoming you at one of our plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic clinics in Brisbane or Ipswich, when the time is right for you.

skin cancer removal

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Dr Sharp removes skin lesions, moles and all types of skin cancer – including melanomas – using advanced specialist plastic surgery techniques to effectively remove unwanted skin growths.

cosmetic surgery

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Whether it is breast augmentation, mastopexy (lift) or reduction, abdominoplasty, facelift or blepharoplasty – Dr Sharp applies specialist plastic surgery principles to cosmetic surgery.

Select your Treatment Area


Abdominoplasty, liposuction or circumferential body lift after massive weight loss or post pregnancy rectus repair for muscle wall damage or excess skin.


Breast reduction mammaplasty, mastopexy/lift or augmentation surgery. Dr Sharp also offers top and gender confirmation surgery.


The full spectrum of cosmetic surgery; from breast augmentation and facelift surgery through to abdominoplasty or liposuction.


A specialist plastic surgeon’s approach to facelift, blepharoplasty, autologous fat transfer, genioplasty and buccal fat pad reduction surgery with exceptional post operative support.

Skin Cancer

Removal of benign lesions, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma and moles using advanced reconstructive techniques for optimal outcomes.

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Interested in reducing lines and wrinkles? Talk to our experienced cosmetic clinicians about the treatment options available to you for static and dynamic lines...


Talk to us about treatments to replace lost volume, augment natural facial curves or add fullness to the lips and face - to treat deep...


Dermapen microneedling and our specialist skincare formulations offer advanced solutions for pigmentation..


Clinically proven to remove stubborn fat under the chin and redefine the jawline.


Bespoke medifacials that optimise the skin and create visibly glowing results.


Fraxel is a medical grade laser that targets pigmentation, sun damage, lines and wrinkles - resurfacing congested or ageing skin and stimulating...


Our convenient 30 minute, non-invasive facial uses vortex technology to extract dead skin: cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating.


For excessive sweating of the hand, feet, scalp or underarms - using a muscle relaxing injection to curb clamminess.


Quick, painless light treatment for a range of skincare concerns. Also aids in post operative recovery.


Far from being just a social media fad, this autologous treatment is at the cutting edge of medical aesthetic rejuvenation.


Combines natural ingredients with the latest scientific research to protect, nurture and improve all skin types


Sound vibration to exfoliate and purify, ultrasound to drains, infuse and stimulate - and radio frequency to regenerate.

Enquire about our full range of minimally invasive treatments