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The decision to have treatment or surgery with a plastic surgeon is never made lightly, and involves significant research, time and preparation. Every plastic surgery and cosmetic clinic in Brisbane and Ipswich offers something different in terms of focus, patient support, postoperative care and approach to their patients’ holistic treatment. We hope this website provides insight into our approach to plastic surgery and aesthetic solutions for the face, breast, body and skin.

Dr Sharp and his team of clinicians are dedicated to providing strategic changes that act synergistically, to create a naturally improved appearance. Our clinics are a safe and inclusive space for people of all genders and cultures. 

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Our team prides itself on delivering patient care that has equal doses of warmth and professionalism.

And while superior surgical skills and expertise are undoubtedly paramount, the experience of having any treatment is certainly measured by more than just the time spent in the operating theatre or clinic chair. Our gold standard of care incorporates an approach that sees a life long commitment to ensuring our patients’ education, confidence and wellbeing.


Liz Washington, director

We are proud to be a female owned and operated clinic.
Our approach is underpinned by compassion, discretion and unparalleled patient care.

With the expert attention and commitment of our clinical and administrative team, patients are supported through every step of their journey with the resources required to make fully informed decisions about their bodies. From your first consultation to your last follow-up, the staff at our Brisbane and Ipswich plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics will support you with quality care, expertise and genuine compassion. Our motivation is simple: we love playing a part in helping to restore confidence – whatever that uniquely means to each individual patient.


Lifetime Care Guarantee

Dr Sharp provides patients with a Lifetime Follow-up Guarantee ensuring long term care + support.


Dr David sharp, plastic surgeon

Dr David Sharp and the team look forward to welcoming you at one of our plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic clinics in Brisbane or Ipswich, when the time is right for you.

skin cancer removal


Dr Sharp removes skin lesion, moles and all types of skin cancer – including melanomas – using the latest advanced techniques to effectively remove unwanted skin growths while minimising scarring.

reconstructive surgery


Specialising in reconstructive surgery of the breast, head, body and limbs due to mastectomy, trauma, cancer or congenital abnormality, Dr Sharp is experienced in advanced, modern approaches to reconstructive & microsurgery.

cosmetic surgery


Whether its breast augmentation, lift or reduction surgery, abdominoplasty, brachioplasty or thigh reduction surgery – or facelift, blepharoplasty, chin augmentation or otoplasty – Dr Sharp is skilled in cutting edge techniques in aesthetic surgery.

Select your Treatment Area

  • Body surgery 78


    Abominoplasty, thigh reduction, body lift and body contouring surgery after massive weight loss and gastric banding - or post pregnancy body restoration.

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  • breast implant revision 79


    Breast reconstruction, reduction, lift and augmentation surgery. Dr Sharp also offers gynaecomastia and female-to-male transition surgery.

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  • cosmetic 80


    The full spectrum of cosmetic surgery; from breast augmentation and facelift surgery through to abdominoplasty, breast reduction.

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  • Facial surgery 81


    A fresh, natural-looking approach to facial plastic surgery, including facelift, blepharoplasty, necklift, otoplasty, genioplasty and rhinoplasty procedures.

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  • Group 888 1


    Reconstructive procedures for the face, body, hands, breasts and limbs through advanced microsurgery techniques and superior surgical skills.

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  • SkinCareTreatImg

    Skin Cancer

    Removal of benign lesions, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma and moles using advanced reconstructive techniques for optimal outcomes.

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non surgical skin + cosmetic treatments

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Enquire about our full range of minimally invasive treatments