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Book a consultation with cosmetic injector Sr Deborah to experience her skilled approach to aesthetic medicine and optimal skin health, in our Brisbane and Ipswich clinics.

Deborah Dr David Sharp Plastic surgery PRAHS Clinics nurse


Plastic Surgery Nurse + Cosmetic Injector

Cosmetic injector clinic Brisbane


Plastic Surgery Nurse + Cosmetic Injector

AHPRA: NMW0002200112

  • EPlastic Surgery Nurse
  • ECosmetic Injector
  • ESenior skin therapist + laser safety officer | Qld Laser Lic #822576-56265424

With 20 years’ experience at the forefront of dermal therapy techniques, Deborah is our go-to for scientifically proven solutions to address common aesthetic concerns – whether you prefer subtle results, or noticeable changes.

Having worked with plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors in Brisbane and Ipswich, a dedication to continuous learning has kept Deborah well informed in the constantly-evolving area of aesthetic medicine.

Deborah will be a source of information, support and skill throughout your treatment journey, creating an individual treatment plan, guiding you through pre treatment regimes and ensuring your recovery runs smoothly.

Deborah has worked with Dr Sharp for eight years, and is also our senior practice nurse, providing care for all patients pre and post operatively.

As a skilled plastic surgery nurse, Deborah is adept at complex wound care and has a passion for supporting your recovery, using her extensive knowledge of skin regeneration and scar optimisation.

For our non surgical patients, Deborah understands that a strategic combination of high quality therapies is the best way to achieve a revitalised appearance.

Deborah is also a qualified laser practitioner with particular experience in the reduction of sun damage and pigmentation, utilising her knowledge in Fraxel laser. She is a skilled nurse injector specialising in fillers and neuromodulators that add volume and alter skin condition.

She also treats excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) performs correction of over-active muscles in the upper lip.

In the ever-evolving world of aesthetic medicine, Deborah has spent decades working with the full range of treatment options – from optimum skincare and dermal regeneration to volume replacement and surgical solutions – to ensure she can advise clients on suitable modalities for their non surgical objectives.

Deborah’s eye for detail ensures that her patients are confident in their choices, and under the care of a professional who not only deeply understands the wide range of solutions available, but also cares about how they will work for you as an individual.