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Diane is known for her magic hands and facials that both relax and rejuvenate. Book a consultation to experience her extensive skin health and optimal ageing knowledge.

Diano Lehto brow sculpting shaping


Skin Therapist

Diane Lehto

Skin Therapist

Qld Health Laser Lic #1008179-4008641320

With over 15 years working in dermal science, Diane Lehto is an experienced skin therapist in the Brisbane area, who specialises in advanced treatments that focus on helping patients achieve visible changes in their skin.

Diane’s favourite treatment is her active facials, which combine proven ingredients and relaxation for a sublime skin experience. While you lay back and relax, Diane will ensure your skin is benefiting from a facial therapy tailored to your specific skin concerns. 

Some of the treatments that Diane uses to create personalised treatment plans for her patients include brow stylingHydra FacialDermapenLED light rejuvenation therapy, sound vibration facials for exfoliation, ultrasound facials for lymphatic stimulation and radio frequency facials for regeneration and plumping.

Diane believes that in order for  healthy ageing and beauty treatments to be effective, they require a holistic approach.

It’s for this reason that she also assists her patients with skincare, product and lifestyle recommendations, ensuring the very best results are not only achieved but maintained.