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Rhinoplasty Surgery in Brisbane

Rhinoplasty is a popular plastic surgery procedure; it can address a multitude of aesthetic and functional problems, however before undergoing this procedure it’s important to have an assessment with a qualified plastic surgeon to ascertain if you are an ideal candidate for this type of surgery.

Rhinoplasty balances the form of the nose, looking at is proportion to the rest of your face, as well as its shape, size, angle and overall aesthetic appearance. In terms of function, it can reconstruct noses that have previously undergone trauma or been broken, as well as addressing noisy or obstructed breathing and snoring. As a result, rhinoplasty has become a very sought-after procedure.

Whether you are considering rhinoplasty to remove a bump on the bridge of your nose, reduce its prominence, refine its tip or correct your nose after a break or accident, Dr Sharp’s ultimate priority is to make sure that your breathing and overall nasal function is preserved or improved. Good airway function is of utmost importance.

Dr Sharp utilises a range of different rhinoplasty techniques ranging from open to closed rhinoplasty.

The approach may also differ depending on your ethnicity, and gender in order to retain the unique, natural character of your face – and create harmonised appearance.

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What to expect during your rhinoplasty consultation

Your first consultation with Dr Sharp is a double consultation; it allows plenty of time for you to discuss your concerns and goals with Dr Sharp; he will examine your nose, take photos and advise of the best approach to achieve your desired outcome. Dr Sharp will discuss the informed consent documentation, and you will receive an information pack with illustrated information sheets, your estimate of fees and your informed consent documentation inside, to take home and consider before proceeding any further. If you wish to go ahead with surgery, most patients have at least one further consultation with Dr Sharp to discuss the procedure again and go through the informed consent documents once more.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

The two most common rhinoplasty techniques are:

1. Closed Rhinoplasty

In a closed rhinoplasty, all incisions are made inside the nose. This technique is only appropriate for selected patients, who don’t require significant adjustments to their nasal bridge, and who don’t require their nose tip to be significantly corrected.

2. Open Rhinoplasty

An open rhinoplasty also limits most of the incisions to the interior of the nose. However, one small incision is made across the skin, between the two nostrils. This provides greater surgical access for more extensive rhinoplasties. Although a scar usually does remain as a result of an open rhinoplasty operation, this scar is normally very small and barely noticeable over time. Pictured, right: before and 6 months after open rhinoplasty surgery with Dr Sharp.

Brisbane rhinoplasty surgery
Brisbane rhinoplasty surgeon nose job


Scroll down to read more about rhinoplasty surgery with Dr Sharp, after the image gallery.

before and after rhinoplasty surgery with Dr Sharp
rhinoplasty plastic surgeon Dr David Sharp
Rhinoplasty surgery Dr David Sharp Brisbane
rhinoplasty results Brisbane plastic surgeon
Brisbane and Ipswich rhinoplasty plastic surgeon
rhinoplasty blepharoplasty and fillers after plastic surgeon Dr David Sharp

above: before and after rhinoplasty and unilateral blepharoplasty surgery with Dr Sharp – followed by cosmetic injectable treatments with Deborah @ The Sharp Clinic

before and after surgery with Dr Sharp

before and after surgery with Dr Sharp

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthetic and the entire process normally takes approximately 2 to 4 hours.

The recovery time also depends on the patient and the type of rhinoplasty, but usually patients return home on the day of the surgery.

A moulded brace is placed on the patient’s nose and is generally removed approximately 7 days after the surgery. Patients are given pain relief to take at home and most find any discomfort very tolerable. Persistent and quite dramatic swelling in and around the nose is very common, as is bruising which can extend up to the eye area.

The swelling disrupts normal nasal breathing, however, this subsides and most patients find they can breath normally through their nose in the weeks after the operation.

rhinoplasty nose job Brisbane surgeon
Rhinoplasty surgery Brisbane
Rhinoplasty surgery Brisbane and Ipswich

The Benefits of Rhinoplasty Surgery

A rhinoplasty is a versatile procedure that can resolve a number of issues. Here are some of the problems that rhinoplasty can address:

  • EStraighten the nose
  • EReduce the size of the nose
  • ERefine a drooping nose or oversized tip
  • ERepair nasal damage that is a result of traumatic injury
  • EImprove breathing function
  • EReshape the size or shape of nostrils
  • ECorrect nasal disproportions
Although a rhinoplasty is generally a very safe and common procedure, it is very important to choose a capable and experienced plastic surgeon for your rhinoplasty. Dr David Sharp has performed many successful rhinoplasty procedures and has dealt with a range of different nasal correction issues over the years. Before each rhinoplasty, Dr Sharp conducts an in depth consultation regarding your particular features as well as the likely outcome, recovery time and cost of your particular rhinoplasty.
By conducting an assessment of your nasal structure, Dr Sharp will point out the necessary corrections as well as the techniques that may be required.

Finally, you will also be informed of any potential risks that might occur during an operation. Although complications are rare, there are certain postoperative measures that you are advised to implement in order to reduce the chances of them occuring.

If you are interested in finding out more about rhinoplasty surgery, contact us today for more information.

right: before and after rhinoplasty and unilateral blepharoplasty surgery with Dr Sharp – followed by cosmetic injectable treatments with Deborah @ The Sharp Clinic

Brisbane rhinoplasty results Dr David Sharp
Rhinoplasty surgery Dr David Sharp Brisbane and Ipswich
rhinoplasty before and after photo review Brisbane
nose job before and afters Brisbane surgeon

Rhinoplasty and swelling

The swelling from rhinoplasty can take many months to subside, so this procedure requires great patience!

The photos on the left show a patient before, and 12 weeks after, surgery – and still shows signs of some residual swelling.

In most patients, the final result will slowly emerge over the 12 months following surgery.

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