Uncover the skin of your youth with Fraxel Dual laser; a safe, comfortable and non invasive way to resurface damaged and aged skin, with minimal downtime. Fraxel is a medical grade laser that reduces pigmentation, scars, sun damage and fine lines and wrinkles – while improving overall skin condition and texture.
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Banish pigmentation

Reduce or remove the signs of ageing and hormone changes – those stubborn brown and red spots that appear on our face and body, making us look aged.

Stimulate collagen

Get fresher, younger looking skin by stimulating the body’s natural responses to micro trauma; to stimulate collagen. Fraxel reduces fine lines and wrinkles, while improving acne and surgical scars.

Pre cancerous skin

Actinic keratosis is the scaly, patchy skin condition that is the result of the excessive sun exposure frequently seen in Queensland. Fraxel can remove unsightly and risky keratosis growths, halting skin changes that may develop into cancer.

Double the power

Fraxel combines 1550 and 1927 wavelengths to provide unique dual fractionated resurfacing skin treatments that target both colour and condition simultaneously, saving you money and downtime.

Low downtime

Fraxel has refined resurfacing technology to provide unprecedentedly shorter downtime than traditional lasers. When used alongside our prescriptive skin product program, it provides rapid healing and results.

Safe + non invasive

Fraxel was one of the first innovators of laser resurfacing technology, and continues to lead the field. Far from the uncomfortable and intensive laser therapies of yesteryear, it has evolved to become a very tolerable, quick treatment that safely and effectively gets visible results.

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Before and after treatment

Fraxel laser clinic Brisbane
Before and after Fraxel for skin
Fraxel laser before and after
laser clinic Brisbane Fraxel
before and after one Fraxel treatment
Fraxel for acne clinic
Acne clinic Brisbane
sun spot removed by Fraxel
Fraxel for removal of pigmentation
before and after one Fraxel ‘spot’ treatment

It's possible for your skin to look healthy and luminous without makeup! Ask us how Fraxel can make natural, beautiful bare skin a reality for you.

About Fraxel

Fraxel Dual laser harnesses laser resurfacing technology to uniquely target two key skin complaints: the discolouration caused through sun damage, pigmentation or age spots – as well as lines, wrinkles, congestion or a dull complexion created by poor skin condition or the natural ageing process that depletes our collagen. Fraxel can target these individually, or together in a single treatment, saving you treatment time, money and downtime. Read more about why Dr Sharp chose Fraxel for his patients’ skin concerns.

I want to banish sun damage

Does pigmentation, melasma and the signs of sun damage make you look older than you feel? If you need makeup to cover up brown spots and discolouration, talk to us. Fraxel will remove skin that’s been prematurely aged by our Queensland climate, leaving you with skin so beautiful, you’ll want to wear it bare!

I want a better complexion

Fraxel reduces lines, enlarged pores, congestion and acne scars by removing old, stressed skin and stimulating the growth of a healthy, fresh and luminous complexion. Fraxel also encourages the production of the body’s own collagen, to plump and smooth. Patients say it feels as though they have soft, baby skin again.

…I want to do both!

One of Fraxel’s unique benefits is that it enables us to treat BOTH pigmentation and lines, pores and skin condition all in a single, convenient treatment. Lift off sun damage and pigmentation while stimulating the body’s own natural collagen production to plump, firm and rejuvenate the skin.

Beautiful skin is only a phone call away.

how does Fraxel work?

How Fraxel laser works…

Fraxel laser skin rejuvenation targets ageing and damaged skin cells with microscopic, strategically placed laser columns that penetrate beneath the skin surface. The ‘dual’ aspect of Fraxel harnesses fractionated resurfacing technology to uniquely address two key skin complaints: the discolouration caused through sun damage, pigmentation or age spots – as well as lines, wrinkles, congestion or a dull complexion created by poor skin condition or the natural ageing process that depletes our collagen.

Fraxel can target these individually, or together in a single treatment, saving you treatment time, money and downtime. Fraxel has been used for more than a decade across the world to safely deliver both medical and cosmetic improvement for patients.


Reduction of actinic keratosis

Lift off pre cancerous sun damage

Pigmentation and sun spots

Eliminate melasma & brown ‘age’ spots

Fine lines & wrinkles

Stimulate collagen to soften lines

Rejuvenate your body

Suitable for aged skin on hands, neck, torso, décolletage or legs

Reduce pore size

For a dewy complexion that looks super smooth, even without makeup

Skin condition

Improve your skin’s health and overall condition

Adult acne or congestion

Remove acne damage & clear congested skin


Scars and stretch marks

Optimise scars, accelerate the healing process and fade away stretch marks

Firm and hydrate

Encourage a supple, fresh skin appearance
Brisbane Fraxel clinic for skin and laser