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Question of the week: should I lose weight before I have liposuction?

Is liposuction just for people who are significantly overweight; what about people who just want to lose the last stubborn kilograms?

I am close to my ideal weight but can’t seem to budge pockets of fat on my stomach and lower back.

- patient

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Dr Sharp:


Liposuction is suitable for people who have reached their ideal, healthy weight, have good skin elasticity and wish to remove persistent pockets of fat.

Lower abdominal fat and love handles respond very well to Vaser liposuction, and it is also a popular treatment for reducing small pockets of fat under the chin, around the knees, upper and lower back fat, inside the thighs and on the back of arms.

(Pictured above: liposuction results for Dr Sharp’s patient at 6 months post surgery – visit our liposuction gallery for full before and after photo series).


Liposuction is not a weight loss or weight reduction procedure.

Patients who are yet to achieve their ideal healthy weight can be disappointed by the results of liposuction as larger areas of fat can experience irregularities and patients can find it doesn’t give them the ‘dress size drop’ they were hoping for via liposuction, instead of weight loss.

While it can be tempting to have liposuction before your weight loss journey is completed, to obtain the best results and ensure a healthy recovery, it’s important to be as close as possible to your ideal weight.

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Sometimes Instagram ‘after’ photos of patients on the operating table following liposuction can be misleading and give a false impression of what can be achieved, so it’s important to look at photos three, six or twelve months after surgery to get a realistic indication of your potential outcome.

The photos in this page are reflective only of the individuals’ results and it is important to note that both patients had small fat deposit and had not experienced significant weight loss prior to surgery, so their age and pre-operative skin elasticity meant that they did not require skin excision following liposuction. 

If you have experienced weight loss and then undergo liposuction, you may find that you have loose skin in this area, which you may or may not wish to have excised as well. These aspects of your surgical planning will be discussed with your surgeon preoperatively.

Read more about benefits, risks and the recovery involved with liposuction on our page here. 

[Pictured left before and three months after upper arm liposuction with Dr Sharp]

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