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Will I Still Have Stomach Creases or Rolls after Abdominoplasty Surgery?


Yes, you will when relaxed, slouching, not sitting up straight or bending over. Everyone, irrespective of how flat their stomach is when standing up, has this!

Even the slimmest of people with flat stomachs and strong abdominal walls have a crease or fold when they bend at the waist. Younger skin has more elasticity and holds its form more – while skin of people over the age of 30 (when collagen and elastin depletes) or who have had their skin stretched and thinned through pregnancy or weight loss – will find the skin creases, crinkles or folds more easily when they aren’t standing or sitting upright.

How big the crease or roll of skin is, will therefore depend upon your skin quality, age, previous pregnancies or fat deposits in the area.

When performing abdominoplasty surgery, your surgeon will tighten your abdominal area internally, but they will also remove enough excess skin  – but not so much that your incision line can’t be sutured back together, or so tightly that it allows no bending, exercise or movement!

It’s important to remember that abdominoplasty is primarily an excess skin reduction – not fat removal – procedure. Significant fat reduction is only possible through intraoperative liposuction – or through strategic healthy eating and exercise preoperatively.

Your plastic surgeon will want to achieve your surgical objectives, but can only do so if it is realistic.

Before any surgery, it’s important to reflect upon your expectations and assess if they are reasonable. If you think that you will be distressed by having a roll of skin or fat on your stomach – when you bend over or slouch – you will need to reassess your expectations and consider whether abdominoplasty surgery is right for you.

Abdominoplasty results will vary depending on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Kyour preoperative weight
  • Kthe number of pregnancies and size
  • Kprevious massive weight gain or loss
  • Kabdominal muscle tone
  • Kskin quality/skin condition
  • Kadherence to optimal post operative recovery practices
  • Kpost operative weight gain or lifestyle changes
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