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Which breast implant size, type and profile is right for you?

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Implant choice is a key factor that determines the final result of your breast augmentation.

How you choose to change your body today will affect how it looks – and the kinds of further surgery you may need – into the future; all things to consider from the outset when embarking on cosmetic surgery.

Choose an implant that compliments your body now, and helps it maintain proportion into the future.

[Pictured: before and 3 months after implant removal and replacement surgery and breast lift with Dr Sharp].

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting an implant that is right for you:

  • EWhat your breasts look like right now – their size, position and where their volume sits, as well as where your nipple is positioned
  • EYour result; some people want a proportionate, anatomical appearance – while others favour a less natural augmentation that sits higher, and is more obviously augmented.
  • EThe plane being used during the augmentation, for example: under the muscle, above the muscle or ‘dual plane’.
  • EWhich shape of implant (anatomical or round) is going to best suit your body shape – some will create less volume at the top of the breast and a graduated slope, while others provide more cleavage or the appearance of more breast tissue in the upper pole of the breast. The implant shape will be largely determined by your natural breast tissue, muscle and their placement on your chest wall before surgery.
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  • EPrevious breast surgery, issues or deformity
  • EAsymmetry; most women’s breasts are not even, but if there are significant differences in size or breast tissue position, different implants might be selected for each side
  • EThe width and height of your chest and torso; breast should sit in balance with the rest of your anatomy – your surgeon will take measurements and calculate the optimal placement of implants on your chest.
Remember, you are unique! No two sets breasts are the same, either before or after surgery. Plastic and cosmetic surgery forums are littered with patients comparing the size of their implants and profiles, and while its understandable to presume that the implant size and profile will generally create the same results between similarly sized women, this should never be used as a guide for what is going to suit their individual anatomy. No two size 10 women having 320cc anatomical implants under the muscle are going to look the same after surgery – so using others’ sizes, profiles and implant types as a definitive guide for what is going to be best for you may ultimately be misguiding and lead to disappointing results.

The best way to ensure you choose the right implant for you is to:

1. Make the most of your consultations, and have more than one!

We recommend at least two consultations with your surgeon before breast augmentation surgery. In your first consult with Dr Sharp you will try on different ‘sizers’ with a bra and a t-shirt to give you an indication of what your final size may be. You will be able to take photos if you wish, to review and consider your options when you go home.

At your second consultation, you may repeat this process again to assist in making a final decision, with Dr Sharp’s assistance. If you have any doubts, book a third consult to ensure you are absolutely confident with your choice.

2. Think about how you want to look now – and also what you want to look like in 5, 10 and 20 years.

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Our bodies change as we age, as gravity takes effect and life changes – particularly pregnancy or menopause – seeing weight gain and loss in typical areas of the body such as the waistline, breasts and thighs. Abnormally large breasts can make a woman look heavier, especially if she experiences weight gain in her upper arms or stomach. They place more weight on the shoulders and back, and can cause associated pain. They can stretch the areola around the nipple – and can also place more pressure on the skin, muscles and ligaments, eventually creating a descending appearance that was not part of the initial objectives of surgery. Often, this requires more extensive surgery to counteract down the track; such as breast lift (mastopexy) surgery, with greater scars and surgical risks involved.

Pictured left: before and 3 months after breast augmentation surgery with Dr Sharp

3. Take your time

Once a patient decides to have a breast augmentation, often they develop a great sense of excitement – and associated urgency – to have it done as soon as possible! While this is understandable, it can also lead to quick decisions that have not been fully considered or thought through. The majority of women who have breast augmentation surgery are very pleased with their choice of implant size. But there is great wisdom in ‘sleeping on it’ – preferably for weeks or months – before making a final choice in implant. It is too great a decision to be rushed through.

4. Research your implants – and why your surgeon uses them

With a wide range of implants now on the market in Australia, it is easy to be confused by what each one offers. The good news is, Australian regulations ensure that implants available locally are scrutinised to a very high standard, requiring vigilant reporting and adherence to safety benchmarks.

Your surgeon should be able to explain the difference between the key brands of implants currently available. It is likely your surgeon has a specific brand of implants that she or he favours, and they should be able to explain to you in detail as to why they have chosen these. The implants Dr Sharp most frequently uses offer a wide range of implants and styles, and come with a lifetime replacement warranty for capsular contracture and rupture, providing additional peace of mind to patients as these are two of the most common breast augmentation complications that require further surgery in the future.

Pictured right: before and 3 months after breast augmentation surgery with Dr Sharp

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And finally, check with your surgeon as to whether the details of your implant will be registered with the Australian Breast Device Register which will enable you to access information about your breast implants into the future, even if your surgeon is no longer practicing.

To discuss which breast implant size and profile might best achieve your desired result, book a consultation with Dr Sharp by calling 07 3202 4744.


The above information is general in nature and does not constitute medical advice. All surgery carries benefits and risks, and we recommend visiting the specific page related to the procedure you are interested in to learn more.