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a potent vegan powder specifically selected for optimal ageing and post operative recovery
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Vegan Beauty Potion collagen powder stockist clinic

Beauty Potion collagen powder by Botanika Blends

Contains: Raspberry, strawberry, pomegranate, elderberry, blackcurrent, blueberry, cranberry, acai, goji, L-glutamine, L-glycine, L-proline, natural flavour, L-lysine, baobab fruit powder, probiotic bacillus coagulans, silicone dioxide, organic camu camu fruit, dipotassium phosphate, tricalcium phosphate, magnesium oxide, ferric phosphate, zinc sulphate monohydrate, sodium selenite, chromium chloride, copper sulphate, magnesium sulphate, potassium iodide sodium molybdate, vitamins E, C, A, B1, B, aloe vera powder, organic maca powder, green tea extract, stevia, beetroot powder.

How it works:  Beauty Potion is a potent blend of concentrated plant nutrient dense ingredients, specifically created to boost the production of collagen. Packed with amino acids, natural sources of vitamin C, antioxidants, probiotics and minerals – to support optimal skin health and healing.


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This superfood packed collagen powder has become part of our own nutrition regimes – not only due to its collagen-boosting properties, but it’s great taste and incredible line up of ingredients for overall good health. Best of all, it’s cruelty-free, and doesn’t contain the bovine collagen normally found in collagen powders or beauty blends, so it’s vegan friendly too.
  • EVitamin A (ug) 0.02
  • EThiamin (B1) 0.02mg
  • ERiboflavin (B2) 0.04mg
  • ENiacin 0.21mg
  • EVitamin B5 0.10mg
  • EVitamin B6 0.10mg
  • EVitamin C 21.2mg (53% RDI)
  • EVitamin E 0.21mg
  • EFolate 4.18ug
  • EVitamin K 1.68ug
  • EZinc 0.25mg
  • ESelenium 1.47ug
  • EChromium 2.85ug
  • EIodine 3.13ug
  • EManganese 71.29ug
  • EMolibdenum 3.56ug
  • EIron 0.25mg
  • EMagnesium 6.71mg
  • ECopper 0.004mg
  • ECalcium 16.77mg
  • EPhosphorus 20.97mg
Dietary information (per 10g serve):
  • EEnergy 146 KJ (35 Cal)
  • EProtein 5g
  • ”%%36%%””Fat
  • ESaturated 0.2g
  • ECarbohydrate 1.1g
  • ESugars 11g
  • EDietary fibre 1.1g
  • ”%%36%%””Sodium
  • ECaffeine 5mg
  • ELysine 0.42g
  • EGlutamic acid 1.9g
  • EGlycine 1.5g
  • EProline 1.1g
  • EProbiotics 45 million CFU
  • EORAC value 1,500 umol
Contains approximately 30 serves per pack.
collagen beauty powder stockist cosmetic clinic


Mix, blend or stir 10g (approximately 1 heaped tablespoon) into your chosen drink or food daily.


Always read the label and use as directed. This product is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a healthy nutritious diet and appropriate physical training or exercise program. For pregnant women or children under 15 years, consult your doctor or dietician before taking.


Because this product doesn’t contain loads of anti-caking or nasty filler products, it’s important to close the package immediately after use. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.