Popular procedures for modern men

Man boob surgery Brisbane and ipswichMen are more open to the options that aesthetic surgery and cosmetic medicine offer than ever before. And while women still comprise the majority of our patients, data from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery indicates that the number of men having cosmetic procedures increased by more than 106% between 1997 and 2012; an ongoing trend echoed by the growing number of men seeking cosmetic improvements at our clinics.

Often, male patients say they don’t like the tired, stressed or unhealthy appearance they see in the mirror – because they still feel young, strong and fit on the inside. Others are looking to freshen up their appearance before re-entering the dating scene.

And many mention a desire to stay competitive in the workplace, linking their looks to their recruitment and promotion prospects – something noted by London economics Professor Daniel Hamermesh in his study of the financial benefits of aesthetic appearance.

Here are some of the surgical and non-invasive treatments most commonly requested by men in our clinics:


Body lift

An increase in the popularity of gastric sleeve and gastric banding surgery – and the massive weightloss that ensues – is leaving many men with large amounts of loose skin on their abdomen, thighs and arms. This loose skin places functional limitations on activity, clothing and exercise – alongside persistent skin irritations and embarrassing hygiene problems. Body lift surgery involves the removal of this loose skin and repair of any underlying structures that have been weakened. It can include circumferential abdominoplasty,  brachioplasty (arms) and thigh lift/reduction.

Post operative infections and long term odema (swelling) are more common with body lift surgery than others, due to the amount of tissue and lymph glands (the body’s drainage system) that is removed. Dr Sharp frequently performs body lift surgery, and while the results are dramatic and offer significant improvement in the patient’s quality of life and appearance, he ensures the risks of the surgery and lengthy recovery period involved is carefully considered by his patients before undertaking this procedure.


Cosmetic surgery blepharoplsty BrisbaneBlepharoplasty

Excessive eyelid skin can create a tired, cranky appearance – but most importantly, it can cause vision impairment that can affect the ability to drive or work. Men who require blepharoplasty surgery also often have deeper forehead lines (making them look more stressed or angry) because their forehead works overtime, raising their eyebrows to try and lift their eyelids so they can see! Blepharoplasty is performed as day surgery and involves a 1-2 week recovery period.


Up to 50% of men suffer from various degrees of gynaecomastia (excess breast tissue). According to data from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) male breast reduction surgery increased 13% in 2015. In the US, men comprised 40% of breast reduction patients in 2015. The procedure takes about 90 minutes and can involve a combination of liposuction and surgical incisions. The recovery period takes about 1-2 weeks, with limited activity recommended for 6 weeks after surgery.

Hyperhydrosis treatment

Wrinkle injections are increasingly being use to treat excessive sweating for men and women. The injections block communication between the brain and overactive sweat glands, found in the feet, hands, armpits or forehead.

The treatment takes about 30 minutes and involves tiny injections the treatment area; most people find this very tolerable, but we also offer anaesthetic cream for who wish to be numbed up. Results last up to 6 months.

Things men should consider before undertaking aesthetic procedures…

Have realistic expectations. If you bring in a photograph of Chris Hemsworth or Brad Pitt and ask what Dr Sharp can do to make you look more like him, you will probably be encouraged to adjust your expectations – or reconsider having surgery. We are honest and transparent with our patients about the results they are likely to achieve, and the risks and complications they may encounter.

Address body hang ups. Body image is a sensitive issue that affects everyone, in various degrees, as some point in their lives. Previously perceived as a female affliction, we are increasingly seeing men present with a history of hurtful teasing or bullying at school, work, in relationships or while participating in sports – and significant self image issues associated with the feedback they’ve received about their bodies. These patients often believe that their low self esteem, depression or anxiety will be addressed if they simply adjust their appearance. Interestingly, research shows that these patients are the most likely group to be dissatisfied with the results, due to their high expectations of the life-changes that will ensue. Seeking help through a counsellor or psychologist that is experienced in male body image issues is highly recommended before undertaking any surgery.

Be informed. All medical and cosmetic procedures carry risks and should only be undertaken after serious consideration. Sometimes, revision (a second procedure to adjust the results) is required, which can result in further expense and time off work. It is vital that you have at least two consultations with your surgeon before undertaking cosmetic surgery, providing plenty of time for them to explain the procedure, risks and potential complications – and answer any questions that may arise during your decision-making process. We also recommend you seek the opinion of more than one plastic surgeon, as they can differ in their approach and it is most important that you feel comfortable and confident with your choice of surgeon!