Textured implant update

The TGA are reviewing textured implants. Not all textured implants are the same; there are different types of textured surfaces (macro, micro and nano) and each carry different safety profiles.

No decision has been made to suspend or cancel the implants Dr Sharp uses.

When a textured implant is required to achieve a specific result that a patient desires, in consultation with the patient, either Mentor Siltex (microtextured) and Motiva (nanotextured) implants are used.

The latest research shows that the Mentor microtextured implants carry a 1 in 86,029 chance of developing BIA-ALCL.

keller funnel breast augmentation sleeve tool

If you have textured implants or are considering them, we understand recent news might raise some questions and concerns for you and your loved ones. Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of the women Dr Sharp operates on.

Current literature and real world evidence shows that the risk of developing BIA-ALCL differs between different textured implants and has been shown to be rare with the implants we use. Motiva are relatively new to the market in Australia and are nano textured, meaning their surface has been created to specifically avoid the causes of BIA-ALCL. Mentor breast implants are supported by long term clinical data, including three 10 year prospective clinical trials.

If I have textured implants, do I need to have them removed?

If you have no symptoms, you do not need to have your implants removed.

What are the symptoms of BIA-ALCL?

The common presentation is fluid swelling around the breast implant and in the space between the implant and breast implant capsule – called a ‘late seroma’. The diagnosis of the tumor is made by examining the seroma fluid.

Is BIA-ALCL breast cancer?

BIA-ALCL not breast cancer. Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 Australian women. The implants we use carry a 1 in 86,000 risk.

BIA-ALCL is a rare type of lymphoma that develops adjacent to breast implants, usually as a swelling of the breast 3-14 years after insertion. This swelling is due to fluid building up in the fibrous capsule that surrounds the implant and does not develop in the breast tissue itself. It can also present as a swelling or lump in the breast or armpit. The incidence of BIA-ALCL is very low.

How common are textured breast implants?

There are approximately 60 million textured breast prosthesis implanted in women.

All surgery carries risks and no cosmetic procedure is without potential complications. It’s important to be fully informed of your options, and weigh up these risks to make sure they are acceptable to you before undergoing surgery.

Dr Sharp is ethically and clinically committed to providing the safest available prosthesis for patients to achieve their desired results. Implants are selected in consultation with patients, with the latest data and long term safety in mind.

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– TGA Website: http://www.tga.gov.au/breast-implant-associated-anaplastic-large-cell-lymphoma-bia-alcl