What is the short scar breast augmentation technique?

As breast augmentation techniques evolve, the visible signs of surgery have become less prominent.

One of the techniques that Dr Sharp employs during almost every breast augmentation procedure he performs at our Brisbane and Ipswich hospitals, is the short scar augmentation. This technique provides a reduced incision length and less scaring for our patients.

Dr David Sharp breast augmentation short scar technique Brisbane

In order to insert the implant, an inframammary incision is made under the breast. In the past, surgeons had to dissect the implant pocket and squeeze an implant through this incision, so they had to make the cut wide enough to accommodate the implant.

However, Dr Sharp is able to make a smaller incision due to his use of a special sleeve to enable narrower insertion of the implant. A tool known as the ‘Keller Funnel’ (which you can watch Dr Sharp use here), allows the smaller incision to be made; the implant is passed into the chest via the funnel and in most cases, the scars are completely concealed in the fold (see images below, taken from underneath with the patient lying down).

Dr Sharp short breast augmentation scar technique
breast augmentation short scar technique

above left: six month old breast augmentation scar   |   above right: six month old breast augmentation scar 

In addition to aesthetic benefits of a shorter scar, the funnel also has safety benefits; it enables the silicone gel implant to be placed into the breast without the need for touching, and with more control by the surgeon.

While Dr Sharp does everything possible to minimise every scar created by his surgery, there are certain circumstances where a short scar incision isn’t possible. This includes some removal and replacement or revision procedures.

All surgery leaves scars. Sometimes patients are prone to keloid or hypertrophic scarring which can be prominent, but steps can be taken post operatively if your post op surgical team is made aware of this – using tape, dressings, topical treatments and possibly laser or fractionated needling therapy. Most patients do not require any scar intervention, but if you want to give your scars the best chance of healing well, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Read the post op instructions your surgeon has provided, and follow them closely.
  2. When your post op care team indicates the time is right, start massaging your scars daily with the gel provided by Dr Sharp in your post op care bag.
  3. Keep your tapes on and wear your clinical support garment as per your post op instructions.
  4. Don’t stretch, over-extend or place pressure on your incision lines; they are under the tension and weight of an implant, so give them support and lots of care!

Read more about our approach to breast augmentation surgery in our Ultimate Breast Augmentation Guide.

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above: before and five months after breast augmentation surgery with Dr Sharp