Question of the week: what’s the best time of year to have a breast augmentation?

If I want to be healed in time for next summer, what’s the best time of year to have a breast augmentation? How long will the recovery take and how soon can I swim?
- patient

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Dr David Sharp

Dr Sharp:

Breast augmentation in Brisbane is a four-seasons procedure, in that it’s one of those popular operations that I perform every week, every month, of the year. Especially in Queensland, where our weather in warm or mild all year round – women tend to enjoy their results across the year instead of the very cool climates where they are more likely to be concealed by jackets and bulky knits for 6 months of the year.

That said, having breasts that are fully healed by the time summer holidays roll around is a common request. For the first 6 weeks after a breast augmentation, your incisions can’t be submerged in bath, spa, pool or sea water – so if you are planning summer holidays, that’s something to consider. Likewise if you are planning a holiday to Europe during their summer, it’s wise to have the surgery at least 6 weeks beforehand, so you can swim and participate in normal activities.

We also recommend that patients don’t lift anything heavier than 2kg for the first 6 weeks, so that’s something to think about in terms of returning to the gym, lifting older children, returning to a job that is labour intensive or going on holidays and lifting heavy bags.

I encourage my patients to look at the next 6 months and work out where that 6 week ‘gap’ can be – and work backwards from there to find the most suitable time for their surgery.

When planning your breast augmentation, remember that you will probably have 2 consultations with your surgeon, a few weeks or even months apart.

Also keep in mind that most plastic surgeons in Brisbane or Ipswich will have anywhere from a 3 to 8 week wait at various times of year; sometimes longer.

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Start contacting your short list of surgeons for available appointments about 4-6 months ahead of your ideal surgery time frame, so you get your pick of preferred dates, and also so you don’t feel like the consultation and surgery booking process is rushed or compromised. It’s an exciting and important process, so give yourself lots of planning time!

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