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Question of the week: what’s the best time of year to have a breast augmentation?

If I want to be healed in time for next summer, what’s the best time of year to have a breast augmentation?

How long will the recovery take – and how soon can I swim?

- patient

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Dr Sharp:

It’s great to hear you are thinking ahead about the considerations and consequences of this procedure well in advance, as planning your surgery’s ideal timing is an important part of breast augmentation planning! Breast augmentation in Brisbane is a four-seasons procedure, in that it’s a procedure that I perform every week, every month of the year.

Due to the year-round warm and mild weather in Queensland, patients seem to plan their surgery at a time that best suits their leisure activities, lifestyle and work commitments rather than a season. However, we experience more demand for this procedure in the lead up to summer, as many patients can use holiday periods to take time off work and have the support and assistance of family members or friends who are also on holidays. 

Having breasts that are healed by the time summer holidays roll around is also a common request. For the first 6 weeks after a breast augmentation, to reduce the risk of infection, your incisions can’t be submerged in bath, spa, pool or sea water- so if you are planning summer holidays, that’s something to consider.

Likewise if you are planning a holiday to Europe during their summer, it’s wise to have the surgery at least 6-12 weeks beforehand, so you can swim and participate in normal activities.

We also ask that patients don’t lift anything heavier than 2kg for the first 6 weeks, so that’s something to think about in terms of returning to the gym, lifting older children, returning to a job that is labour intensive or going on holidays and lifting heavy bags. Most laptops and handbags are heavier than 2kg, so this is probably the most restrictive part of the recovery process!

I encourage my patients to look at the next 6 months and work out where that 6 week ‘gap’ can be – and work backwards from there to find the most suitable time for their surgery.

When planning your breast augmentation, remember that you will probably have at least 2 consultations with your surgeon, a few weeks or even months apart.

Also keep in mind that most experienced specialist plastic surgeons in Brisbane will have a wait for consultations. 

Start contacting your short list of surgeons for available appointments about 6 months ahead of your ideal surgery time frame, so you get your pick of preferred dates, and also so you don’t feel like the consultation and surgery booking process is rushed or compromised. It’s an exciting and important process, so give yourself lots of planning time!

It is also important to remember that while breast augmentation carries low risks of complications, they do still occur from time to time, and if this was to occur your healing may be delayed by an unspecified amount of time. If you want to be healed for summer, a holiday or special event, it is essential to consider the impact that a complication or delayed healing may have on your plans, finances and mental wellbeing. 

To view the benefits, risks and recovery process involved in breast augmentation surgery, visit our informative patient education page here.


The above information is general in nature and does not constitute medical advice. All surgery carries benefits and risks, and we recommend visiting the specific page related to the procedure you are interested in to learn more. 


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