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Question of the week: do cosmetic injectables contain animal products?

I’d like to have wrinkle injections and dermal fillers but I am vegan and don’t want to use products that contain animal derivatives. Do these cosmetic injectables contain animal products, and if so, which ones?
- patient

Botox and fillers
Dr David Sharp, plastic surgeon in Brisbane, profile image

Dr Sharp:

The products we use for wrinkle injections (muscle relaxing injections) and dermal fillers do not contain animal ingredients. Some of the first fillers did have animal origins, using cow cells.

But the modern dermal fillers we use don’t contain ingredients derived from animals.

Cosmetic injectables are TGA regulated drugs, meaning that they are medical products that require animal testing in order to be approved as safe for human use in many countries. Therefore, the cosmetic wrinkle injections and dermal fillers we use have been tested on animals, as are most medical products. Ultimately you will need to choose whether you feel comfortable having cosmetic injections, and if the procedure is aligned with your lifestyle and ideals.

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