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Vitamin B and Probiotics: The Dynamic Skin Strengthening Duo

The benefits of prebiotics, probiotics and vitamin B are often espoused by skincare companies – but what do they actually do for your skin?

Prebiotic and probiotic skincare

Just as prebiotics and probiotics set your gut up for optimal function, they also balance the beneficial and harmful bacteria and optimise the skin’s environment. Synergie Skin’s Dermiotic is a nutrient packed pre-serum elixir with pre and probiotics, formulated to boost the skin’s resistance to physical and chemical aggressors by tackling the underlying causes of acne, ageing, sun damage and sensitivity – rather than just masking them. Just a few drops of Dermiotic prior to your serums will boost the barrier strength of skin and will be an essential for those with skin sensitivity.

How does it work? Prebiotic Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide feeds the ‘good bacteria’ and probiotic Bifida ferment lysate balances the microbiome. Together these active ingredients defend from environmental damage and relieve sensitivity and symptoms of skin stress, including redness and inflammation.

Vitamin B infused skincare

Thought of as the great multi-tasking cosmeceutical, by using Vitamin B your skin will ‘learn’ to make more of its own moisture. Formulated to increase the production of ceramides in the epidermis, this essential product is a must for increased hydration levels, a luminous even complexion and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines.

How does it work? Vitamin B serum increases the production of ceramides in the epidermis, essential for preventing water loss and maintaining a dewy complexion. High levels of niacinamide also boosts collagen and skin immunity, strengthen the barrier and reduce uneven skin tone.

Why do probiotics and vitamin B work so well together?

The combination of these two hero products will give your skin its ultimate barrier protection and support the skin to stay strong, work at its optimum and look healthy and luminous every day.

“Fortify and revive your skin’s barrier by coupling Dermiotic with Synergie Skin’s iconic Vitamin B (niacinamide) serum to deliver the optimal environment for healthy skin,” our dermal therapist Diane Lehto explains.