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Outdoor exercise: 3 things you can do now to prevent pigmentation, skin cancer and premature ageing

If there’s one silver lining in the current crisis, it’s that it seems people are getting outside now more than ever to exercise! With gyms closing, many of us are hitting the pavement or parks to get our fitness fix.

Given that it’s autumn, you could be mistaken for thinking sun exposure isn’t a problem. In Queensland, UV rates rarely fall below dangerous levels during the day – even in winter. And although you might not feel your skin burn during, extended sun exposure can have unintended consequences such as hyperpigmentation and premature ageing.

Our plastic surgery nurse Deborah and dermal clinician Diane have put together their top 3 tips to protect your skin from sun damage at this time:

As always, seek shade and cover up wherever possible – even if it’s late in the afternoon! Before you head out, check the Bureau of Meteorology for UV levels at different times of day here. Research undertaken by the University of Manchester and the Association for International Cancer Research found that taking a regular dose of omega-3 boosted skin immunity to sunlight. The fatty acids DHA and EPA in omega-3 oil have been associated with the skin’s photoprotection by decreasing the production of proinflammatory eicosanoids and suppressing UV induced keratinocyte damage. I love Opti3 Vegan Omega-3.

Once you have prevention under control, the next step is to add antioxidants to your skincare regime. Antioxidants have been scientifically proven to inhibit the free radical damage that causes the kinds of premature ageing typically seen in Queensland. The face, hands and décolletage and neck commonly show signs of our powerful sunshine! 

Pigment inhibitors like vitamin B and products that have peptides and tyrosinase inhibitors, reduce and prevent the transition of melanin, preventing UV induced pigmentation. They’re my multitasking ‘beauty superstars’ at times like these – for many reasons! 

A good place to start is with the Synergie Skin Brightening Kit (pictured). It has everything you need for all day prevention and protection. For nutritional vitamin B support, I love Bioceuticals Mega B with Q10.

One of my other beauty weapons to help brighten pigmentation, and help unclog blocked pores is Reveal. I use up to 3 times per week in the morning, and underneath sunscreen for best results.

- Diane Lehto

Dermal clinician

Outdoor exercise: 3 things you can do now to prevent pigmentation, skin cancer and premature ageing - 1

It is easier to prevent pigmentation from forming, than reduce it once it’s developed. Daily application of Synergie Skin’s SupremaC+ helps minimise the damaging effects the environment has on our skin while also acting as a pigment inhibitor.

The serum both prevents and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation while tackling photo-ageing at the source. It does this by using CMF Triacid Complex; a synergistic blend of the latest and most stable forms of ascorbic, ferulic and mandelic acids. Apply each morning and always use a daily SPF 50 that is kind to your skin.

Synergie Skin’s UberZinc SPF 50 is a broad spectrum sunscreen that provides the skin with moisture, while absorbing oil to minimise shine. Use it on its own or with your Mineral Whip makeup for ultimate protection (we now have this range in clinic!)

At home exfoliants and masks are also a great way to keep your skin healthy when clinical treatments are unavailable. We have been sending out a customised selection to patients at this time, to help them to maintain best results.

- Deborah Seib-Daniell

Plastic surgery nurse

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Outdoor exercise: 3 things you can do now to prevent pigmentation, skin cancer and premature ageing - 2

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