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The platysma is a superficial muscle involved in important features of the ageing neck.

It’s often one of the first areas where we notice the ageing process, forming horizontal lines as well as prominent vertical ‘cord’ or bands that run from our clavicle up to our jawline.

Our clinics use common muscle relaxing injections to soften the activity of overactive platysma muscles, making the bands along the neck become less noticeable.

neck band injections

During this treatment, our clinicians inject tiny amounts of a muscle relaxing solution strategically into the ‘cords’ or bands. These relaxants block nerve signals, causing controlled weakening of these muscles. This causes the neck bands to flatten and appear less prominent.

“Not all of these bands will require treating, just the ones that are bothering you or the ones that are causing the strongest pull, creating a look that you don’t like,” Nurse Deborah explains.

Most patients begin to see and feel a difference between three to 14 days after the treatment.

“After your first treatment, it is normal to need a touch up at two weeks post treatment,” Nurse Deb says.

Will injectables give me the same effect as a neck lift?

Unfortunately, no! This treatment is often wrongly touted as giving necklift-like results. There are many differences between neck lift injections and neck or facelift surgery, the main one being that neck surgery removes excess skin and tightens the underlying facial structures. Injectables temporarily relax muscles which can help reduce the prominence of visible lines and ‘cords’ but skin is not removed or tightened. An experienced and honest aesthetic clinician will be able to distinguish what injectables can achieve for you, or whether surgery is required to achieve your desired result.

How long do neck muscle relaxing injections last?

Results usually last three to six months. Over time, the effects of the muscle relaxing injections wear off. The platysma muscle is then able to contract again, causing the bands to reappear.

Am I suitable for neck injections?

If your platysma bands are prominent - and bother you, especially when you are speaking - you might be a good candidate for this injectables treatment. Candidates usually have a healthy bodyweight, good skin condition - and best results are achieved when patients still have some good skin elasticity, rather than lots of excess skin. If your neck has excess fat or sagging skin, you might still be able to undergo the treatment, provided you understand that you might not be able to achieve optimum results. Platysmal band injections can be performed on most males and females who are in good health.

How much do neck band injections cost?

Because the platysmal muscle is larger than other areas we commonly treat with muscle relaxant injections, it often requires more muscle relaxant product to achieve the desired result. The specific amount of muscle relaxant required will vary from patient to patient, and so because the treatment cost is based on the amount of product required,  costs can vary widely. To obtain an accurate quote, please schedule a complimentary consultation so our clinicians can assess your skin, discuss your desire outcome and provide you with a written estimate.


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