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More than skin deep; why we use skin analysis technology for rejuvenation

Looking at patients’ skin with the naked eye can give us some insight into its condition and health, but our quantitative skin analysis provides important clinical insights into what’s really going on, deep below the skin’s surface, that cannot be ascertained by a standard skin clinic examination. This helps inform treatment recommendations and enables us to track the skin’s responses to products and treatments. Our analysis technology observes your skin’s:

  • Texture
  • UV / sun damage levels
  • Predictive ageing
  • Developing sensitivities
  • Pigmentation

Our complimentary skin analysis process starts with your skin being cleaned of makeup and products. You then place your face inside our skin analysis unit, which takes photographs that show the surface layers, through to the deeper layers, of the skin. During this consult we discuss your skin history, health, lifestyle, current skincare routine and other factors that could be contributing to your skin concerns, such as pigmentation, pore size, acne, congestion, rosacea, oil, dehydration, congestion, premature ageing and dryness.

As part of our holistic approach to rejuvenation, we supply a written treatment plan following every skin consultation, to give patients the best chance of achieving optimal results. This often includes products, lifestyle and/or diet changes discussed, to support your skin treatments, from the inside out.

A professional skin consultation with quantitative analysis enables our clinicians to correctly identify what is going on with your skin, your skin type and what treatments or products are going to be most suitable. Book a complimentary consultation with our clinicians by calling 3202 4744.

More than skin deep; why we use skin analysis technology for rejuvenation - 1