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In the media: Dr Sharp featured in breast lift guide


Breast lift (or mastopexy) surgery can be confusing: it’s often mistaken for breast reduction surgery and it’s sometimes recommended alongside a breast augmentation to ensure optimal results.

What makes you a candidate for breast lift surgery instead of breast reduction, and in what circumstances should you consider a mastopexy with your augmentation?

Style Magazines’ recent breast lift feature addressed some of the misconceptions about mastopexy surgery, answering some commonly asked questions about this transformative procedure.

Journalist Siobhan Taylor spoke to Dr Sharp about the surgical process – as well as the risks, recovery and what makes someone an ideal candidate for breast lift surgery. Learn more here. 

Breast lift guide Dr David Sharp

While the breast lift (or ‘mastopexy’ as your doctor would say) sounds simple enough, there’s a lot going on under the surface that you may not be aware of. In fact, the details of the surgery are significantly different from that of a standard boob job altering everything from your initial consultation right through to the end results.

Because we want everyone to have the tools to make an informed decision, we decided to speak with Dr David Sharp, a highly-regarded Brisbane-based FRACS credentialed plastic surgeon, to learn more about breast lifts. Assisted by a team of clinical and administrative professionals, Dr Sharp is highly sought after for his expertise and down-to-earth approach. We asked him six of the most common questions our readers have about breast lifts.

- Style Magazines

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