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Maskne treatment and prevention: skin experts share their tips

How is your skin handling daily mask wearing? Here are the simple steps our team of skin experts are taking to prevent and treat their ‘maskne’ right now: ⁣

Maskne prevention

– Wash fabric masks daily and change disposable masks with each use ⁣
– Keep your skin routine simple⁣
– Avoid using too many actives (retinoids, vitamin C) on the irritated skin⁣
– Drink lots of water ⁣
– Avoid hot showers ⁣
– Avoid putting makeup on the affected area; a hypoallergenic moisturiser is best. ⁣

Maskne treatments

HydraFacial to exfoliate and remove dead skin cell build up, extract congestion ⁣
LED to soothe and heal broken skin⁣
Synergie Skin’s Dermiotic at home, to rebalance and protect. ⁣

Post inflammatory pigmentation

The above treatments are deigned to prevent maskne from leaving behind trauma-induced pigmentation. We use Fraxel laser to treat the brown spots and scarring, after breakouts and skin irritations have healed. ⁣

For assistance with treating your maskne, book a complimentary consult by calling 3202 4744. ⁣