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How many cosmetic wrinkle injections are performed each year?


Cosmetic wrinkle injections are the most commonly performed aesthetic treatments in the world, according to figures released by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in November 2018. Also referred to as neuromodulators, wrinkle injections, muscle relaxants and anti-ageing injections, in our Brisbane and Ipswich cosmetic clinics, these injections have been performed on a daily basis for many years, with eye muscle injections (crows feet), forehead lines (frown lines) and hyperhidrosis for excessive sweating three of the most common treatment areas.

Number of wrinkle injection treatments performed annually

– Annual Global Aesthetic Survey, ISAPS 2017

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Wrinkle injection treatments work by temporarily reducing muscle activity, smoothing existing wrinkles and preventing more from forming.

The effects last 3-4 months and so the 10-20 minute treatment is usually performed 3-4 times a year.

Priced at $12.50 per unit, we use the world’s longest standing wrinkle injection product (which can’t be named here due to TGA regulations) under the clinical supervision of our plastic surgeon Dr Sharp.

Our clinic’s approach to injecting favours a subtle and realistic result – rather than the frozen, overly smooth or unnatural appearance once synonymous with this treatment.

In addition to reducing wrinkles in the upper face, muscle relaxing injections can also reduce the appearance of a ‘gummy smile’ whereby the upper lip curles up, exposing the upper gums – as well as excessive sweating in the armpits, hands, scalp and feet, which is called hyperhidrosis.

Muscle relaxants can be used for therapeutic purposes (eg treatment of spasticity) and cosmetic purposes (which is how we use them in our clinics). When used for cosmetic purposes, multiple literature reviews have established that they are considered to be very safe.

A review performed in 2020 and published in the Advances in Dermatology and Allergology Journal found that the cosmetic use of this product “rarely causes severe side effects. The frequency of serious side effects is 33 times higher for therapeutic than for cosmetic cases.” 

With its established safety record and broad application, it is easy to see how this treatment could be trivialised and considered to be as simple as having a haircut or facial. But it still involves the injection of a TGA regulated drug, and as such it is important to consider the benefits and risks involved with muscle relaxing injections.

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