Lower face aging: what are my options?

I’m 55 and over the last 5 years I’ve noticed a rapid change in my lower face. In what felt like a very short amount of time, I felt like I aged very quickly. I still feel young on the inside, but on the outside I have loose skin around my jaw, jowls and the beginnings of my dad’s  turkey gobble neck! What are my options?

- patient

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Dr David Sharp

Dr Sharp:

The lower face, jawline and upper neck commonly show the first signs of ageing; jowls, folds between the nose and mouth corners, slack skin around the jawline and thinning, sagging skin around the neck. Hence it’s a common focus area for our treatments and procedures. Non surgical options for early signs of double chin/neck and jawline sagging include dermal fillers, fat dissolving injections and strategic use of muscle relaxer or fillers. Surgical options include facelift or mini facelift surgery.

Injectable fillers and muscle relaxers

Dermal filler can be placed along the jawline or cheekbones to lift and firm the early signs of jowling. The cost will depend on the amount of filler required, and usually ranges from $1200 to $2400. Muscle relaxing injections to address muscle issues costs $12.50 per unit. We use only the highest quality dermal fillers and wrinkle injections. Read more about these treatments here.

Under or ‘double’ chin fat dissolving injections

We find most patients with mild to moderate deposits of fat in this area only require 3 treatment sessions to get great results. Fat dissolving injections are not rebatable through Medicare unfortunately, as they are considered a cosmetic treatment. Click here to read more about dissolving double chins and unwanted fat deposits on your upper neck.

Facelift surgery

This procedure can range from a minor operation performed under local anaesthetic in our clinic to remove a small amount of excess skin on the lower face – through to a full facelift with neck lift, tightening the deep underlying structures of the face and repositioning fat pads that have migrated south. To read more about facelift surgery please click here.

Our facelift patients range from people in their late 30’s seeking our unique Sharp Lift technique, which firms and redefines, addressing early jowls and lower face laxity while using nano fat grafting to plump and revolumise – through to men and women in their 70’s who are looking for the natural-looking, ‘total’ facelift results. Each facelift is crafted to suit the individual patient’s anatomy and desired result.

How can I determine the best treatments for my face?

Ultimately the best decision for you will be based upon a number of factors, including:

  • Ehow much excess skin you have in this area of your face
  • Eyour natural bone structure, jawline and chin projection
  • Eany unwanted fat deposits
  • Ethe condition of your skin
  • Eyour budget and;
  • Emost importantly, your desired outcome

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