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What Are Lip Flip Injections?

Muscle relaxing or anti ageing wrinkle injections have long been used to reduce lines and wrinkles in the upper face, but they’re now also being strategically used to enhance upper lips, in a quick and cost effective treatment that’s being called the ‘lip flick’.


How a lip flick works

Wrinkle injections can be used to create a poutier look, by rolling the lip gently outward, giving the appearance of a fuller upper lip (see image: before and 2 weeks after muscle relaxing injection to the upper lip)

lip flip gummy smile Brisbane Ipswich cosmetic clinic

Cosmetic muscle relaxing injections are placed into muscle around the mouth (orbicularis oris), targeting only the surface layers of the muscles around the side of the lips. This relaxes muscle fibres enough to flip the lip outward. Another benefit of the lip flip is that it can address gummy smiles, where the lip exposes the gums.

How is the lip flick different to lip fillers?

Lip augmentation is performed with dermal fillers – a hydrous gel that’s created from a naturally occurring sugar, which draws water to the lip to increase its size, shape and projection. But some people also still find their lip curls under, and that’s where the lip flick comes in.

How much does lip flick treatments cost?

Like all muscle relaxing injection treatments, the lip flick is tailored to suit your anatomy and muscle activity, but in most cases the cost ranges from $50-$75. Results are usually visible within 2-7 days and last 3-5 months.


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