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I have a needle phobia; can I still have cosmetic injections?


As a discretionary aesthetic, non-essential medical treatment, if you have trypanophobia (a phobia of needles), cosmetic injectables might be an unpleasant and unsuitable treatment for you.

While a healthy dose of nerves is normal when undergoing a treatment that may involve a little bit of discomfort, we do not recommend undergoing a cosmetic treatment that involves something you are very scared or terrified of.

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Cosmetic injectable treatments can require multiple injections – often over repeated treatment sessions – to achieve or maintain results. Even when local anaesthetic cream is used, some sensations or discomfort may be experienced.

A patient who is in a elevated state of anxiety can interfere with the safe delivery of treatment, limit treatment technique options, impede the clinician’s ability to complete the recommended treatment in the time allocated – and even put the clinician at risk. For example, making quick, unpredictable movements or flinching in response to sensations during the treatment can result in a patient being misdosed, injured, injected into the wrong area – or causing a needlestick injury to their clinician.

Wherever possible, if this phobia applies to you, our clinicians will develop a treatment plan and recommend an alternative modality that avoids triggering anxiety, to achieve a cosmetic improvement or address your skin concerns.

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