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Following facelift surgery with Dr David Sharp, patients go home wearing a compression garment. This garment reduces swelling and helps to hold and support the relocated tissues in their new position, as they heal. It is therefore very important that the garment is worn properly, to ensure best possible results. However – it can be difficult to put on, especially in those early first days following surgery!

In the above video, Nurses Brittany and Deborah demonstrate how to put on a post operative support garment following facelift surgery.

This garment is worn for 2 weeks for 24 hours a day - and then for an additional 4 weeks thereafter, whenever the patient is at home (including when sleeping at night).

To discuss facelift surgery with our patient care team please call 3202 4744.

View before and after facelift photos and learn more about this procedure with Dr Sharp in his Brisbane and Ipswich clinics here:

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