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Does weight impact breast augmentation surgery?

We often receive enquiries regarding weight gain or weight loss – and their impact on breast augmentation surgery. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

Do I need to lose weight before I have breast augmentation surgery?

As with all surgery, your post operative healing and chances of attaining an optimal result will be improved if you have a healthy diet and active lifestyle – and maintain a stable weight within your body shape’s ideal range. If you are a healthy weight, there is no need to loose weight before your surgery – in fact, Dr Sharp recommends that you maintain a consistent weight in the months, and preferably at least a year, leading up to your procedure.

Pictured: before and 3 months after breast augmentation surgery with Dr Sharp


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What happens if I loose weight after my breast augmentation surgery?

Weight loss may change their appearance, exposing implant rippling or a thinned skin appearance where underlying fat once supported the skin – and potentially ptosis (sagging) or changes to the position of the breasts on the chest wall.

When selecting and placing your implant initially, this is done in relation to your body shape and overall proportions, and weight fluctuations can affect how the implants look. For this reason, it is ideal to maintain a steady and sustainable weight prior, during and after surgery, to achieve the best long term outcome.

If I am underweight, do I need to gain weight in order to have a breast augmentation?

Generally, provided you are healthy and your weight is stable, it isn’t advisable to gain weight prior to your surgery – especially if it is not sustainable for your body shape or metabolism. Some people are naturally slim and may find it difficult to maintain their additional weight. If you are underweight and desire a fuller breast, Dr Sharp usually uses a smaller implant that looks more anatomically appropriate for your build. The size, type and position of implant is discussed at length with Dr Sharp during the consultation process.

Will breast augmentation cause me to gain weight?

No, breast augmentation surgery does not cause patients to have increased body fat. However, post operative swelling – which can take many months to subside for some patients – can give the appearance of weight gain in the chest and upper body, however this is fluid instead of fat and is only a temporary, albeit normal, aspect of breast surgery. Fluid retention and constipation is also normal after surgery and can be treated by adhering to your post operative instructions, which addresses these factors and appropriate treatments.

Following surgery we recommend maintaining a healthy diet free of processed foods, sugar and trans fats – this not only helps to keep your weight stable during the months that you are not exercising normally, but it also provides the nutrients required for healing.


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