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Can I go braless after breast augmentation surgery?

One aspect of breast augmentation surgery we often receive enquires about is whether or not it is safe to go braless after surgery. For any woman who loves the freedom of going braless or having their choice of strapless, backless dresses, it is great be able to fill out your favourite dress or enjoy the comfort of being free from underwire and straps.

How long I have to wear my support bra after breast augmentation?

Wear your compression garment for 6 weeks (day and night). You can also wear a supportive sports bra during this period. If you are unsure if your sports bra is suitable, ask your Post Op Nurse.

When can I start going braless after breast augmentation?

If it’s for a special occasion/event, you can go braless from 6 weeks onwards (for a day or evening), however Dr Sharp recommends wearing a supportive bra most of the time, for 12 weeks after surgery.

When can I start wearing underwire bras?

Most breast augmentation patients find that underwire bras are uncomfortable after their augmentation, and choose to only wear soft cup bras. For everyday wear, these super comfortable bras from Calvin Klein, Berlei and Wacoal are very popular among our patients. It is possible to wear underwire bras from 12 weeks onwards provided they are comfortable and do not leave you with aching breasts or marks where they dig in after wear. 
braless after breast augmentation
Wacoal bra after implants

When I go braless my nipples show through – what can I wear?

Nipple sensitivity (or conversely, numbness) is common after breast augmentation surgery. Patients often find their nipples constantly erect or hypersensitive, which can be uncomfortable when going braless.
Nipple-covering options include stick-on (or ‘chicken fillets’), nipple shields or a strapless bra, all pictured. These are safe to wear from 12 weeks after your breast augmentation.

Right: Wacoal bras are popular among patients after breast augmentation surgery.

Will my breasts sag if I don’t wear a bra?

Breast augmentation surgery places additional weight on your chest, so yes over time as your ligaments, muscles and skin / tissues age, you will find gravity continues to take effect and some sagging will occur. Wearing a bra, especially if you have large implants, can provide additional support which is always helpful.

Should I wear a bra while exercising?

Yes, always. Shockabsorber, Rockwear and Lorna Jane have supportive front-zipping active wear bras for most activities. 

Does this apply to breast lift or breast reduction surgery?

Due to the position of the ‘anchor’ incisions, it is wise to wait a little longer before wearing stick on bras or nipple covers. Pulling on the scars each time you remove a sticky adhesive bra can widen your scars if you do it frequently in the first 6 months of healing.
Also, keep in mind that while breast implants are partially supported by our chest muscles (in sub muscular and dual plane placement), in a non-augmented breast, your breast tissue and fat is not similarly supported. Over time, your breast tissue and fat will be more likely to sag without the support of a bra, compared to a breast with an implant.