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Cosmetic Injectables Trends and Why We Warn Against Them

Why ethical practices steer clear of trends in cosmetic injectables – in the interests of patient safety and sensible outcomes.


The cosmetic medicine industry has seen a surge in popularity over the past decade, with the rise of aesthetic trends. Treatments such as muscle relaxant injections, dermal fillers and lip enhancements promise quick and seemingly miraculous results on social media.

While these treatments can indeed provide improvements, experts are warn against following trends, instead opting for a natural-looking approach, customised to the individual’s anatomy.


Deborah Seib-Daniell

With 20 years’ experience in the skin and cosmetic medicine industry, plastic surgery nurse Deborah Seib-Daniell (pictured) has seen trends come and go, and says the key lies in a holistic approach that prioritises safe, sustainable treatments, tailored to the patient.

“Injectables can replace depleted bone structure, add soft tissue volume and boost or rehydrate the skin by stimulating the body’s natural responses – so it is a nuanced process for each patient, that can’t be achieved by trying to match a celebrity or social media influencer’s look,” she said.

“Recently we saw demand for lots of different lip trends; in chasing some of these trends clinicians place patients at a higher risk of vascular occlusion – while other trends encourage overfilling, creating a facial imbalance that patients then seek to correct, by over-filling other areas.

In these cases, we are seeing an unusual level of filler migration and dissolving of high volume fillers.”


The pressure to conform to beauty standards and the influence of social media can play a significant role in driving people towards extreme trends that do not necessarily compliment their individual natural anatomy. Over-injection or repeated procedures can result in an unnatural appearance, which can be expensive and challenging to reverse.

At a recent cosmetic medicine conference, Ms Seib-Daniell noted that the industry in Australia is urging a “more realistic, balanced approach” that considers a patient’s overall health, natural anatomy and lifestyle.

“This benefits patients in the long run, whether they are seeking to alter their facial features, or just wanting to appear well rested and healthy.”

One of the main concerns regarding injectables trends is the lack of regulation and oversight. It is crucial for individuals considering these treatments to thoroughly research and choose reputable and experienced professionals to perform their procedures.

Tips for selecting an injectables clinic that’s right for you:

Attend a clinical consultation first, to discuss your anatomy, motivations and expectations. Observe the clinician and their environment; is it an appropriately equipped medical space where safety appears to be prioritised?

During, or following, your initial consult were you given a treatment plan and estimate of costs?
Did you receive written information about the treatment, risks and recovery, to consider prior to undergoing the treatment?

If you have a complication or concern, does the clinic have an in-house doctor that can see you and treat you, or would you be referred to another clinic or your GP, because they don’t have a registered medical practitioner available to provide continuity of care within the injectables practice?

Do your research; does their website and social media educate patients with lots of information and photos of realistic results, on patients of all ages?

The content in this article was featured in Mind, Body, Health (August 2023)

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before and 2 weeks after muscle relaxing injections at The Sharp Clinics

before and 2 weeks after muscle relaxing injections at The Sharp Clinics

before and 2 weeks after muscle relaxing injections at The Sharp Clinics

before and 2 weeks after muscle relaxing and dermal filler injections at The Sharp Clinics

before and 2 weeks after muscle relaxing injections to the upper lip and lip filler treatment (2mls over 2 sessions) at The Sharp Clinics

before and 2 weeks after muscle relaxing injections

before and 2 weeks after muscle relaxing injections around eyes and forehead at The Sharp Clinics

before and 2 weeks after wrinkle injections to the upper lip at The Sharp Clinics

before and after muscle relaxing injections to the masseter muscles at The Sharp Clinics



The SHARP difference…

Cosmetic injections can be accessed literally anywhere these days – from local shopping centres through to home based parties. So what makes our approach different – and how do we approach cosmetic medicine and non surgical treatments? We do this by adhering to some key principles of best practice when it comes to cosmetic injectables:


We only use high quality products

We opt to use extremely safe products that have been used by more patients across the world than any other. If quality and safety matters, you can’t find better injectables products that the ones we have selected.

Patient safety comes first

Experienced clinicians, and an optimal clinical environment directly overseen by a plastic surgeon means we can respond promptly and appropriately to concerns or complications.


The expertise of a doctor led clinic, without the hefty price tag

People often ask if having injectables at a clinic overseen by a plastic surgeon means they’ll cost more. In fact, our treatments are some of the most cost effective available in Brisbane and Ipswich.


An individual treatment approach

Your injectables treatment plan should be as unique as you are. We don’t take a ‘on size fits all’ approach; due to the expertise of our injecting team, we have the confidence to tailor your injectables treatment to suit your individual facial anatomy.


We respect clinical regulations

Due to a lack of enforcement, the cosmetic industry unfortunately has operators that do not adhere to TGA and AHPRA regulations, unbeknown to their patients. Often, these clinics do not participate in the self-regulation that comes with being a member of an industry authority such as the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons or Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. We believe our patients deserve the protection afforded by these regulations and guidelines.

I want to reduce lines + upper face wrinkles

Whether fine lines around your eyes are making you look tired, or deep forehead lines give you a stressed appearance – even when you’re relaxed – tiny muscle relaxing injections can help soften deep wrinkles and smooth out lines. Results last about 3 months and work as both a treatment for lined, aged skin – as well as a preventative action to help stop deep static facial lines from forming.

I want to replace lost volume + enlarge lips

Some people lose facial volume quicker than others due to genetic, environmental, lifestyle and weight loss factors. This can leave a hollow, sunken-in appearance in the mid and lower face, creating jowls, deep grooves or a pursed, lined looked around the mouth – and thin or asymmetrical lips. Soft, versatile dermal fillers can restore lost volume and facial balance.

I want to reduce chin fat + define jawline

A fat dissolving treatment to reduce submental fat deposits under the chin. Genetics, ageing and weight gain can contribute to the formation of double chins, with injections performed over a series of 3 to 6 treatments to reduce fat. May also provide more jawline definition and tighten the skin in suitable candidates.

How much will it cost?

Results take time and experience. We allocate adequate time during our consults to assess your face and always offer additional appointments for tweaks and adjustments. Your face and skin is not worth cutting corners or substandard products; that’s why we invest heavily in ongoing training, development and learning for our clinical team and well-researched products, a thorough consultation and optimal post-treatment support. We are a clinic for people who believe their face and body deservers quality. We don’t believe in ‘cheap and cheerful’ when it comes to regulated medical treatments and prescriptive products. That doesn’t mean you will pay exorbitant prices – but it does mean you won’t be getting a cheap product or service when it comes to making changes to your face.