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A Contemporary Approach to Breast Reduction Surgery

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Why do people have breast reduction surgery?

Excessively large breasts create both physical and psychological problems, including severe neck and back pain, bra strap indentations, skin irritations and embarrassment.

Today, breast reduction surgery is widely accepted as a solution to treat ‘macromastia’; but our mature-aged patients tell us it was not alway so. Previously, breast reduction surgery was considered taboo and embarrassing, and even hidden from family and friends.

[Left, before and 3 months after breast reduction with Dr Sharp].

Thankfully times have changed, and the social environment in which women undergo plastic surgery has evolved. Although it offers cosmetic improvements, breast reduction surgery also follows reconstructive principles and techniques, involving flaps and medical indications – that is, it is considered medically required due to the health benefits it brings.

This means that the procedure is listed on the Medicare Benefits Schedule and in most cases, an item number applies to the procedure. Women are able to claim a rebate on some of their costs, both via Medicare and their health fund, if applicable.

This has been one of many contributing factors that have seen breast reduction surgery rates increase significantly. As these rates have increased, surgical techniques have been refined and improved.

Dr Sharp is skilled in modern breast reduction techniques, enabling him to treat breasts of all sizes. By employing advanced techniques, Dr Sharp is able to help patients achieve physical relief from the weight of exceptionally heavy breasts, while creating a natural looking, rejuvenated overall appearance.

Breast reduction surgery requires extensive training and experience in both cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery.

Dr Sharp takes pride in being able to offer this procedure to patients seeking to alleviate the physical and psychological impact of disproportionately large breasts. 

[Right, before and after breast reduction with Dr Sharp].

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