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a powerful tool against acne + congestion

for all ages

tretinoin hydroquinione cream


This specialist acne formulation was created or use in conjunction with our acne cleanser to actively reduce acne and congestion. Containing proven acne-fighting ingredients including topical antibiotic, vitamin E, hydrocortisone and vitamin A, the complex was developed for mature aged patients who struggle with both congestion and breakouts - alongside the dry skin and fine lines that come with acne. Many patients found they could not use standard anti-ageing products as it would cause breakouts, causing them to use acne treatments that dried out and prematurely aged the skin. The resulting formulation is a powerful anti-acne treatment for both teen and mature aged skin, with concentrations that can be adjusted for each patient to suit their skin needs, and degree of acne.

Most importantly, the active ingredients in this formulation are delivered at optimal concentration levels, which is why patients require a consultation prior to commencing treatment on the cream - as it is a medical formulation. It is important to follow the directions closely and to adhere to the products’ cautions to achieve the best results.

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Formulated by Dr Sharp and dermal clinician Deborah Seib-Daniell, this special range of skin care products is born from a combined 35 year’s experience in skin healing, optimisation and prevention.  Priced from $19 to $95.

When searching for an affordable and effective range of skincare for PRAHS Cosmetic and Rejuvenation Clinics, it was difficult to find a range that was both cost effective, and also contained the most important skin health ingredients - without the fluff. So working with specialist compounding pharmacists, we developed our own range of products, containing scientifically proven ingredients at ideal concentrations, to achieve visible improvements in skin condition and healing. The result is a carefully crafted series of skincare tools - some of which are sold over-the-counter in our clinics, and others that are strategically adjusted to suit each individual patient’s skincare needs.

- Deborah Seib-Daniell

Dermal clinician

Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic wrinkle injections and Ipswich Laser skin


Plastic Surgeon Brisbane and Ipswich

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