Can I have a combined plastic surgery consult with my mother, partner or friend?

Many of our patients choose to coordinate their individual visit to our surgical and non surgical clinicians at the same time as a friend or loved one. This not only provides them with the support of a trusted person being present, but can help with recalling the information discussed during the consultation – two pairs of ears and eyes are better than one!

Can we come into each others’ consults?

Yes, if you’re comfortable, your loved on or friend (accompanying person) is welcome to come into the consult with you. During the examination component of your appointment, you may need to disrobe or expose part of your body for assessment. Your clinician will establish whether you’d like your accompanying person to stay or leave the room for this component of the visit, for privacy reasons.

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Do we have to book separate appointments or can we share a single consult?

No, each appointment is allocated a normal amount of time for the applicable consult, to ensure you and your clinician have plenty of time to discuss the procedure, risks and considerations that are an important part of the informed consent process. This is one aspect that we are very particular about not cutting corners or making too brief, as there is a lot of information to cover.

Things to consider

While it’s fun to have a combined consultation, it’s important to remember that a surgical consultation can be confronting and very personal. While Dr Sharp does everything he can to ensure that it is comfortable and relaxed, it is worthwhile considering the health and personal questions that might need to be covered, and implications of this. In our experience, it is also important that your accompanying person does not interrupt your time with your clinician or make your appointment all about them! In the excitement of the day it is easy for this to happen and so if you intend to sit in on each other’s consults it is worthwhile discussing some basic courtesy boundaries prior.

Earlier appointments and our waiting list

If you are on our waiting list for an earlier appointment with Dr Sharp, please let us know if you’d like your appointments brought forward separately if shorter, earlier spots open up – or if you only wish to be offered an earlier appointment if the available time window can accommodate both appointments. This helps avoid disappointment or misunderstandings!

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