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Breast implant device information

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What types of breast implants does Dr Sharp use?


Dr Sharp primarily uses Mentor CPG and Motiva Ergonomix or Corse. Dr Sharp chooses these implants as they are high quality, have a proven safety record and come with a number of warranty provisions. These warranty provisions, implant details and risks vary between implant brands. Before undergoing breast augmentation surgery it is important to understand the various product details and warranty provisions for the implants you are considering. This information is supplied by the implant providers and included below for your convenience:

Motiva Implants

Motiva Guide to implant Registration & Extended Warranty Infocard


Motiva Breast Augmentation Brochure


Motiva QID Facts for Surgeons


Motiva QID Safety Technology


Motiva Implants® Warranty and Product replacement policy Terms and Conditions


Motiva Implant Information for Patients – please read if you are considering Motiva implants


Mentor Implants

Mentor Implants Warranty and Product Replacement Policy Terms and Conditions


Mentor Warranty & Implant Patient Cards


Mentor Implants Registration and Extended Warranty Information


Patient Information Leaflet for Mentor Textured and Smooth Gel Breast Implants


All surgery involving the implantation of a device carries risks, and although we carefully select quality implants with good safety profiles, this is always an evolving area of science, and so it is possible that all possible implant risks are not fully know as yet. Hence we urge all patients to read the consent forms and product information provided, as part of making a well-informed decision to accept these risks, and proceed with surgery.

If you have any questions please contact your Sharp Clinic Patient Liaison by reply email, or call 07 3202 4744.

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