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15 Things You Should Know Before Getting Lip Injections | Lip filler Brisbane

Dermal fillers have been used for decades to increase lip volume, projection and definition. Our cosmetic clinics in Brisbane and Ipswich use both cannula and needle point techniques to deliver lip filler, and we are experienced in treating men and women of all ages. But there are some important considerations to make before undertaking lip filler treatments:

1. Not all fillers are created equal. Do your research and choose a reputable dermal filler product that’s high quality and comes with a long, well documented track record. When you’re placing a filler in your body that’s going to change your appearance – and be there for a long time – don’t cut corners for the sake of convenience or a few dollars!

lip filler Juvederm Brisbane and Ipswich 2. It isn’t forever. Because hyaluronic acid is eventually metabolised by your body over time, it isn’t permanent. You can remove hyaluronic acid fillers if you don’t like your results, by having an an enzyme injected, which dissolves the filler. 

3. Cheap might not leave you cheerful. Dermal filler injections are a TGA regulated medical treatment, but just like buying a bottle of milk or new mascara, people can now access dermal lip fillers in their local shopping centres. The medical training of those administering the dermal filler – along with the clinical standards upheld by the clinic – is of upmost importance.

4. Fillers last anywhere from 10 months to several years. It will depend upon how your body metabolises the filler, its position and the composition of the filler. Some people notice a reduction within 6 months, while others see the effects for up to 2 years. People with high metabolisms and an active lifestyle people tend to metabolise the filler faster.

5. You will see the results immediately; although they might be slightly over-inflated or bruised to start. Your lips will be swollen at first, but you’ll see the effects of the fillers quickly. The swelling can take 1-3 days to go down.

lip filler injections6. If done correctly, injected lips don’t feel any different to real lips; even when you are kissing (once the swelling goes down).

7. You can choose to have topical anaesthetic or dental block before your treatment, to dull the sensation. The dermal filler gel itself is infused with a local anaesthetic, so its numbs your lips as it’s injected, providing additional comfort.

8. You can go about your daily life afterwards but don’t have a treatment immediately before any big events (like a wedding or important function) – allow at least 2 weeks in case you bruise or have lingering swelling or firmness.

9. Don’t exercise on the day of the treatment. You especially should avoid activities that increase blood flow to your face, like getting a massage or a facial.

10. You might look bruised. Some people walk away from their treatments without a mark, while others can look bruised and swollen for a week or two after treatment. If you’re prone to bruising, cease the use of fish oil and vitamin E supplements a week prior. We also offer bruise-reduction cream for those who wish to minimise bruising. Most bruising can be easily covered by concealer and lipstick, and subsides after 5-7 days.

11. Copycat injecting leads to higher dissatisfaction. It’s ok to admire beautiful lips on celebrities or influencers, but ultimately you’re unlikely to leave your first treatment looking like them. You and your injector will decide what’s best for your unique facial balance. Chasing trends can be dangerous when it comes to medical treatments! 

12. Massage lumps and bumps. As swelling subsides, it’s normal to sometimes feel small lumps or irregularities. Your clinician can show you how to gently massage these to smooth them out. The filler is malleable after treatment and can be moved around, so be careful to smooth it out, rather than push too hard and displace it.

13. If you have a history of cold sores, we recommend taking prevention medication two days before the procedure. Injections could trigger a cold sore.

14. Don’t go too far. Aim for a hydrated, anatomically appropriate look that you can sustain for years to come, not over-enlarged or disproportionate.

15. Choose an honest clinician. It’s important to select a clinician that will give you an honest indication of the results you can expect – who can tell you if they can’t achieve what you want, and can suggest that you pull back when you might be going a bit too far. The more filler you have, the more money your clinician makes – so you want one that is ethical, honest, takes every possible safety measure when performing your treatment – and is willing to refuse to take your money if you’re asking for more product than you actually need.

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above patients are shown before and immediately after 1 ml lip filler, performed by the Sharp Clinics

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